What I Did With My Weekend

Can you guess from the photo above? I suspect not, as the picture to me looks like an Alien coming down from the ceiling to hug me with its teeth. But guess away, and tomorrow I will reveal the truth.

34 Comments on “What I Did With My Weekend”

  1. Looks like a sunset photographed from a moving car. Travel by car, perhaps to visit family?

  2. Eh, it looks more like running away from a hungry Allosaur or similar carnosaur than an Alien to me.

    Though I suppose it could be a Dragon, also.

    Glad to see you survived the experience.

  3. The photo is a selfie taken after you were possessed by the demon Pazuzu.

    Do we get a prize for being right?

  4. First bonfire of spring? Bit early, given the equinox isn’t for another two weeks. Maybe it’s the last of winter, then.

  5. I like the Dormammu guess, because this absolutely IS the palette for the exotic-extra-dimensional-Doctor-Strange comics, but what everyone so far appears to have missed is that you are almost certainly riding a horse.

    Now *why* you’d be riding a horse is a darned good question, but that’s beyond the scope of the game….

  6. Experiments in tie-dye? (Just to offer up an unusual option – I’d certainly purchase fabric which looked like that!).

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