Daily Archives: March 12, 2015

New Books and ARCs, 3/12/15

Today’s stack of new books and ARCs has one book that is sadly all-too-appropriate today. Let me know what else in this stack you have an interest in, in the comments.

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RIP, Terry Pratchett

It’s being reported that Sir Terry Pratchett has died. Which means that it’s a very sad day for lovers of fantasy and science fiction. Sir Terry (which I will call him here rather than “Pratchett” because, hey, have you been knighted?) had been dealing with Alzheimers for some time now, and his public journey with […]

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Note to Businesses Following Me on Twitter

Please, please, please don’t just drop an ad/PR bit for your product into my tweet stream. One, it’s not nice, even if you didn’t intend not to be nice. Two, an ad/PR bit sent cold to my tweet stream will likely get you muted or blocked because you’ve shown me that you consider me a […]

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