The Next Month (or so) on Whatever and Social Media

So, I’m in crunch time on The End of All Things (which truth be told is running just a tiny bit late, which annoys me because deadlines are a thing I usually hit) and April is my Month O’ Travel™ this year. This will mean things for Whatever and my presence on social media for the next few weeks. Let me outline them for you.

From 3/16 – 3/29: Deeply limited posting here until the book is done. What I will likely do is what I’ve done in the past, which is, if the book is not yet done, to leave you with a question for the day that you may discuss amongst yourselves while I’m writing away (comment threads will still be moderated, although possibly not by me). There will also be Big Idea posts during this time.

Likewise during this time I will have almost no presence on Twitter and other social media until the book is done. Crunch time, folks. Book’s gotta get finished.

3/29 – 4/12: I will be in Australia, on Australian time, and busy with travel and two separate conventions. I’m likely to be posting here, but probably less than when I’m at home, time-shifted at that, and contingent on having access to wifi. I will probably be on Twitter more frequently, and again, contingent on wifi access.

4/13 – 4/20: In Los Angeles, doing business, attending the LA Times Festival of Books and slacking off when I’m not doing either of those two things. Again, less posting than usual here, probably, and you’ll probably see me on Twitter more.

4/21: Back at home! Hooray!

Also for those of you keeping track of it, the 2015 edition of the Reader Request Week will be April 27 – May 3. A little later than usual, but see schedule above.

And now you know what to expect here for the next few weeks.

16 Comments on “The Next Month (or so) on Whatever and Social Media”

  1. Write! Write! Write! Looking forward to the new book and good luck with the deadline!

  2. O Horrors! You must cease entertaining us here on Whatever and do something to pay bills. I don’t know how we’ll cope — oh, well, i guess we’ll just deal. Good luck, write like the wind, and we’ll see you when you are able to post.

  3. Been a big fan for a while now. Write away, good sir. Deliver unto thine editors a quality product.

    If John or Jane dies at the end, you’re dead to me.

  4. Hey, will you post the itinerary for your Australian visit at some point? (Particularly for Melbourne.)

    Also, if you’re looking for an inexpensive SIM to plug in your phone while in the Antipodes, would be a pretty good choice. Can pick up a SIM card in many supermarkets (or do you call them grocery stores?) and activate over the web. No contract or ongoing costs once you stop using it.

  5. Good luck with the deadline, John!!! Hey, so I see that you’ll be in my neck of the woods during April. My wife and I will be attending the LA Times Festival of Books and I hope to see you there.

    *starts to load moving truck with books to get signed* :)

  6. Internet can be very expensive in hotels here in Australia (A$25 a day is not uncommon). And there’s some kind of bizarre inverse relationship between hotel quality and internet cost. Only dodgy places tend to have free internet. There’s still cafes and airports and so on (and conventions/conferences), assuming you’re not too busy with whatever you actually went there for…

  7. Welcome to the land that timezones forgot – here in Perth, you’re going to be 8 hours ahead of the Brits, 2 hours behind Sydney and Melbourne (I think – I can’t remember whether daylight saving ends at the end of March or the end of April; if it’s April, we’re 3 hours behind), and about 12 – 14 hours out of synch with the USA (I think we’re about 12 hours ahead of the US east coast, and 14 ahead of the west).

    It’s not to say we’re unaccompanied here – we have lots of people in this timezone. It’s just that the vast majority of them speak Chinese (or one of the myriad variations thereon).

  8. Are you planning on doing any signings in Sydney? I would love to get your personal scrawl on my copy of The Human Division!

  9. I’d like to second the call for your Oz itinerary please – or have I just not been paying enough attention? Are you coming to Brisbane? Some of us read books up here too, sometimes ;)

  10. love to hear more about your experiences with Toy Soldiers. really loved your work in this movie , December, and others. (of course Stand by Me)
    Enjoy hearing about your political views too.

  11. Will you be coming to Sydney as well? I remember you mentioning a Con in Perth way back when. Is that the only obligation in Aus?