Happy Pi Day

Consider this our annual holiday card to you.

And of course I scheduled this to post at 9:26am.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

41 replies on “Happy Pi Day”

It was indeed a very special pi day.

I figured you would post something even though you are so busy, because of course, you like pie.

Our kids’ school did a whole week of activities, which I thought was wonderful.

And yes — Gene Wilder IS Willy Wonka.

You have the wings to fly
I really do like pie

Our local baker is making a lot of the ones you usually have to special order. The only choice is what flavor of diabetic coma do you choose for your descent.

i would never do a pic like that unless I had people I could give the pies too. I am a human trash compactor. That is a dangerous thing for someone wirh a sedentary job to do.

Unless Scalzi is intentionally trying to lead us all astray or blow up the internet I don’t understand the, er, math, behind 3.14 (3:14:00) and 9:26 am.

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