New Books and ARCs, 3/16/15

Some really nice names and titles in this stack. See something that catches your eye? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Oooh – “The Skull Throne” with the actual (non-generic) cover! Now must re-read the previous three installments to refresh mind with details …

  2. The Skull Thrown. I predict a great story. Based on three books and a couple short stories that have been consumed already, I am sure not to be disappointed.

  3. Wait. There’s a new Ariana Franklin to read? But I thought–oh. Manuscripted completed by her daughter, after Franklin’s death, and a standalone at that. Still. Good news. I loved the Mistress of the Art of Death series.

  4. Well, at least it isn’t the End of the End of All Things, or you’d have to include a spoiler warning ;)

    Someday I’d like to see two authors, preferably who seemingly don’t know each other from Adam (or Eve), secretly collaborate behind the scenes so that one could release a sequel just before the other published the main work. Ideally a time travel story where neither really makes sense without reading the other.

    Not asking you, John. I know you’re a solo act. Just putting that out into the ether…

  5. Oh yes, the last (alas!) Arianna Franklin book. I can’t wait. I’m trying to find the historical novels she wrote under her real name, Diana Norman, because all the Franklin books are so good.

  6. Everything. I love getting a random stack of books. But, if I had to choose 1 from the stack, it would be the Tarr. Wait…no…Cady. Teppo? I love anthologies. Crap. I want them all.

  7. The Marguerite Reed (Archangel) sounds intriguing. The PW review says it has “a truly alien setting, a well-developed future culture, and a thoughtful, talented heroine.”

  8. Dale’s The End of the End of Everything is a collection of his stories from the last few years, and yes, it does include the novella from

  9. ARCHANGEL. Buy this book. Read this book. If you’re a writer curse the fact that you didn’t write this book. I got an advance read a few months back and I’m ready to read it again. Not a word wasted in the book and wholly original.

  10. Really looking forward to Archangel. I’ve heard great things about it, and not just from Zig Zag Claybourne above :-)

  11. I got to read and advance copy of Archangel also. It was entirely different in tone from most of what I normally read and it stuck in my brain for days. I highly recommend it!

  12. CSE Cooney strikes again with her amazing, BONE SWANS! Looking for gutsy language, poetical trills, fantastic story line with characters that bite you–oh do read her latest fantastic work! BONE SWANS!!!

  13. Ah! C.S.E. Cooney’s BONE SWANS!

    I published one of the stories within, “Life on the Sun,” in BLACK GATE, and reviewers went crazy, We hadn’t had a response like that since we published James Enge’s first story. Tangent Online called it “Brilliant… This One Captured a Piece of my Soul.”

    Cooney is one of the most talented writers to come along in years. I’m anxiously awaiting this book!

  14. Jumping on the BONE SWANS bandwagon here. I’ve read it. It’s wonderful–a strong and original voice, a twisted, bawdy, deeply dark sense of humor. And monsters. S’cool.

  15. I didn’t realize there was another Ariana Franklin in the pipeline, and a Judith Tarr too. Woohoo! I will push off and buy them directly. Many thanks!

  16. “Another squeal for BONE SWANS. I finished the arc last night, every story is amazing. In scope and style Claire reminds me of the dark goddess herself, Tanith Lee. Fairy-tales, horror, post-apoc, sandpunk, Claire can do it all. I say this not because (full disclosure) she’s my friend, but because she is an incredible amazing writer. Mark my words, we are going to be seeing a lot more of Claire! And hooray for that!”

  17. I like what Resurrection House is doing; they’re coming out strong as a new publisher! I’m really excited about ARCHANGEL. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

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