Novel Completion Queries, Day Two

Is the novel finished? NO

Today’s question: Name a favorite song in a genre that you don’t typically listen to.

My answer: “My Friend (So Long)” by DC Talk, in the Contemporary Christian genre:

Because it’s a pretty sassy song in which (as I understand it) the band addresses the accusations that they sold out by becoming popular in the mainstream — the album this song was on showed up in the Billboard Top Ten, which in the 90s was a nice achievement (and still is, actually). I’m definitely not the Contemporary Christian market demographic, but this song’s attitude and presentation always worked for me. Among more contemporary bands, I could see someone like Muse doing a song like this.


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50 Comments on “Novel Completion Queries, Day Two”

  1. Not a genre I don’t listen to so much as an artist I don’t normally have much time for: Miley Cyrus’ take on Jolene.

  2. Do people really pester you so much about whether the novel is done? I mean, other than your editor/agent/self? I mean, I like your stuff, but it’s not like there’s nothing else to read. As far as I’m concerned, take your time, do it right.

  3. This one is really difficult because I listen to A LOT of different genres. I’m going to have to go away and think about it, and I’m betting I won’t come up with anything.

  4. That’s pretty funny! As soon as I saw this, I thought hmmm… A genre that I normally don’t listen to. Being a heathen, I figured some sort of religious music would be best, either that or hillbilly music. I guess I’ll go with “Slap Her Down Again Pa”, no wait, “Plastic Jesus!”

  5. I’m a bit of an eclectic when it comes to music – my CD collection spans literally every genre you can think of, with the exception of Gangsta Rap (and while I don’t own any dedicated Gangsta CDs, I do own one or two tracks via iTunes, so…y’know – got it covered!)

    So, since I listen to just about anything (today, I’ve gone through Gershwin, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and excerpts from The Nutcracker just as a taster!), here’s just a random favourite track:


    Because 1: who doesn’t love a band called The Dead Trousers? and 2: who doesn’t love biting satire on today’s* increasingly commericialised world?

    *Okay, the song’s twenty odd years old but it’s still pretty on target!

  6. “King Nothing” by Metallica is one and “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane is another. Hate those bands, love those songs.

  7. I mostly listen to classical music (Baroque era by preference) but thanks to my late father, I also have a tremendous fondness for the big band sound of the 1930s. Ciribiribin (instrumental, not the Frank Sinatra vocal version) is one of my favorites.

    The big band era had more than its share of problems with endemic racism and gender bias, but the music still gets my toes a-twitching whenever I hear it.

  8. “…leave it to me to be holdin the matches when the fire trucks show up and there’s nobody else to blame!”

  9. “What it’s Like” by Everlast. Don’t normally listen to anything rap/hip-hop, and yes, it’s a white guy, and more of a rock ballad than a rap song, but it’s a terrific take on dealing with social issues, and a clever use of censored lyrics.

  10. “Chatahoochee” by Alan Jackson. I am /so/ not a country-western person, but there’s something fun and rollicking about listening to this song.

  11. Hard to name just one, so I’m going all-in.
    Country: which I don’t have a hankerin’ for, but like these tunes:

    Tennessee Ernie Ford – 14 Tons
    Hank Williams – Hey, Good Lookin’
    Statler Brothers – Counting Flowers On the Wall
    Dolly Parton – Rocky Top
    Lynn Anderson – I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
    Tanya Tucker – Delta Dawn
    Dolly Parton – Jolene
    Crystal Gayle – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    Martina McBride – Independence Day
    The Dixie Chicks – Not Ready to Make Nice
    Opera: though I like classical music, I’ve never been a fan of opera. Still —

    Mozart’s The Magic Flute amuses me. Especially Ingmar Bergman’s film version.
    Rap, not really my bag, but:

    Run-DMC, “Tricky”
    Run-DMC, “King of Rock”
    3rd Bass, “Gas Face”
    De La Soul, “Me, Myself, and I”
    Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight”

  12. My choice would be “Poppa Love Momma” (I think that’s the title) by Garth Brooks. I’m definitely not a country music fan, but this is a pretty good song.

  13. Several good listens, including the one JS linked in.
    About Miley and “Jolene?” For several seconds I remembered it as
    Gimme a sec to launch another browser to check the URL because youtube doesn’t currently work in Firefox(it is a security software thing). Yup. Kenny Rogers who likes to tell jokes to Dolly Parton because she jiggles when she giggles.
    Ruby, I still need some company.
    (Whoa. Note to self: Check if they are alive.)
    and not Dolly and NSFW

  14. Interesting: If I start a line with an URL wordpress shows where the URL goes, but when the URL is not the start of a paragraph I see the URL

  15. Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” album, even though I generally hate country music.

  16. Twisting the question just a little….I listen to some heavy metal and I’m pretty much a musical omniphile….one group that makes me most conflicted is Rise Against. I bought their album “Endgame” on a whim. It was in the bargain bin.

    And it is an album full of really great music!

    Unfortunately, a lot of their message is in support not only of socialism, but in using violence to enforce socialism. So not only is this great music endorsing some really bad economic ideas, but is also endorsing some really, really bad ways of enforcing them.

    But I love this album! I’ve listened to it at least once a week since I bought it a couple months ago. Maybe more.

    There is one song on the album that is not only great music, but it has a great message. No conflict here:


  17. The soundtrack to the movie Run Lola Run is pretty techno, which is far from my comfort zone. However, I liked the movie and I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s good music.

  18. Thanks, Peter. I don’t listen to a ton of country. But I do know his story. I think that song just ended me for the day.

    I mean that in a good way.

  19. I don’t normally listen to Country or Bluegrass, but I love the entire O’Brother Where art Thou movie sound track.

  20. Epic Rap Battles: Darth Vadar vs. Adolph Hitler

    Don’t usually listen to rap. These videos have language and are not safe for work. So no link to keep people from getting in trouble.

  21. My main go to genre is “guitar based” music as opposed to classic rock. So Maiden and AC DC but also John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett, and most shredders I am on board with whether jazz/ blues all the way to Satriani and Malmsteen. So the fact that I love love “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys seems out of place to me. It’s the perfect marriage of video and music too.

  22. Duke Ellington, “Take the A Train.” I listen to a lot of different stuff, but not much Big Band. There’s a version of this where the little piano trill repeats a couple of times, then the whole band kicks in, right in the groove…it’s magical.

  23. I’m a metalhead, and a lifelong drummer, which led to a side interest in breakbeat triphop… so I was totally surprised when Welcome to Night Vale introduced me to this. Note – I love this song; no interest in other Eliza Rickman…

  24. And here is the closest I could get to the version of Plastic Jesus that I like. It isn’t fast enough (nor stupid enough)…

  25. Found this one randomly when I was working in a warehouse, it came up on when the guys were trying to find something different to listen to. Video’s not professional, fan production, but I find it adorable for that reason. Catterpillar Catterpillar, buy Kira Willey:

  26. Wiredog, look for Townes Van Zandt doing that one.

    Something fun – ‘alt’ country – “The Gothest Girl I Can'” by Corb Lund

  27. I’m normally not into DJ/Club music, but I listen to college radio and for the past several months the radio station I listen to would play this song as a transitional song between shows. Drove me nuts trying to find the name of the group. Found them on YouTube and bought the c.d.

  28. Stan by Eminem. I despise Rap/Hip Hop in general, but that really is a great song. The version with Dido, naturally.

  29. Placido Domingo sining “Martha” from M’appari Tutt’amor – I’m not that fond of Opera. I like the music, but not the singing (which is odd considering how much I enjoy musicals). I don’t have any rap in a pretty extensive – there is something about the beat/discordance of it that triggers a migraine…

  30. I’m not a big fan of Indie music, but I was captivated the first time I heard “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” by Regina Spektor.

  31. Completely cliche, I’m sure, but “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy. Not a fan of rap, but love the energy, commitment, and intelligence behind the song.

  32. WOW – I can’t believe you totally pulled the answer I’d have given to the question. My Friend (So Long) might have more than a few plays on the ole’ iTunes….

    Runner up: Spice Girls – Say You Be There

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