Daily Archives: March 21, 2015

Novel Completion Queries, Day Six

Is the novel finished? NO Today’s question: Favorite Saturday morning cartoon, if you are of an age to remember when cartoons were only shown on Saturday morning (if you’re too young for that, spare a moment for those of us who suffered in such deprivation). My answer: The Bugs Bunny show (in its various incarnations) because […]

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In Which Mary Robinette Kowal Reads My Sexy, Sexy Tweets

So yesterday evening I was feeling saucy and decided to invite all of Twitter in my Lair of Sexiness™. It went a little something like this: I have retired to the bedroom, LADIES. And GENTLEMEN. And THOSE OF A CERTAIN GENDER FLUIDITY. You are ALL welcome in my LAIR.(porn music) — John Scalzi (@scalzi) March […]

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