Today’s New Books and ARCs, 3/24/15

Likely the last collection of such until I get back from my travels down under. So: See anything here that rings your bell? The comments await your vote!

26 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 3/24/15”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of black and yellow.

    I hadn’t heard of Superposition, but the title treatment on the spine is eye-catching.

  2. I would read that James Hogan book. I’ve always liked him. The others, I don’t know much about or I wouldn’t go out of my way to read them.

    I just noticed Tooth and Claw though. If I recall correctly there’s some S. M. Stirling in there. I’d read that.

  3. Pathfinder Strategy guide should be interesting. How to make the ultimate pathfinder character

  4. I’ve been seeing good things about The Grace of Kings. Looking forward to getting my hands on that one.

  5. Never having purchased a Baen book, I think it’s interesting that Baen separates alternate history from science fiction (the next book in the stack). However, the latter conforms to Heinlein’s formula for what is and isn’t science fiction; he couldn’t see science fiction as embracing alternate-past or alternate-present stories, which he would categorize as fantasy according to his late-1950s essay “Science Fiction: Its Nature, Faults and Virtues” (

  6. The Buettner should be good. It’s I believe the third in a series. The first one was pretty good, but I haven’t read the second yet. I did really like Buettner’s Orphanage series, which is a must read for anyone who enjoys Yet Another Power Armor Mil-SF Series.

  7. I have to say, if I were a Baen author, I’d really be sick of those covers by now.

  8. Having heard that books by men are more likely to be promoted by their publishers and reviewed, I’ve been informally counting the gender distribution in these stacks as a way of seeing what reviewers are getting.

    This is the most male-heavy one I’ve seen in a while. I googled Chris and Terry, and every book in this stack is by a male author possibly excepting the Pathfinder Strategy Guide.

    But most of the stacks are skewed male; this is just unusually so.

  9. Ooooh a new Travis Taylor, “Baen does Robotech” novel…fun…

    “…’Cause sometimes you just want a corn dog…”

  10. “I would read that James Hogan book.”

    Beware that it’s a compilation of two previous books from him, The Two Faces of Tomorrow and Realtime Interrupt. I had read them before, but I got it because I got the Baen ebooks monthly bundle. Which means I’ve got about half of the books pictured above anyway.

    I would almost trade that bundle for the Pathfinder strategy guide, though. Almost.

  11. It’s been ages since I read an Eric Flint book. Really enjoyed it when I did, though.

  12. I second the Robert Buettner book. I’d start there. I picked up Orphanage on a whim and the proceeded to burn through the next four books in the series.

  13. Third on the Buettner book, though I recommend reading the 5-book Orphanage series first. I think the Orphan books and the trilogy that Balance Point finishes (Overkill, Undercurrents, Balance Point) could probably each stand on their own, but the trilogy comes second chronologically and references events in the earlier series.

  14. Read The Grace of Kings, which is excellent (best book of the year, so far), and reading Superposition, which I’m enjoying quite a lot.

  15. I’m excited by the new Robert Conroy book, but upset that I learned that he recently died. This book and one more in the fall are all that are left.

  16. I recently saw Ken Liu talk about The Grace of Kings at a Writers with Drinks. It sounded pretty interesting and I’ve liked his short stories so I’ll be picking that one up.

  17. Everything Buettner makes is awesome and you all should read it.

    Also, btw, the Orphanage series actually is *not* yet-another-power-armor series. The armor they wear isn’t powered. :)

  18. OMG more mrem stories!

    I’m fond of the first two novels*, especially the one co-written by Diane Duane. I’m pleased to see there are new novella collections, and excited by the list of authors involved.

    *THAT I KNOW OF. Apparently my knowledge of how much mrem there is in the world has been faulty. It could be even faultier.

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