View From a Hotel Window: Perth


Taken earlier today, before I took a jetlag-laden nap. I was mildly concerned that if I took a nap in the afternoon I would be unable to sleep this evening, but now it’s evening here in Perth and I’m here to tell you, I will have no trouble sleeping. 34 hours of travel is exhausting.

First impression of Perth: Seems nice, and more than a little bit like San Diego in terms of climate and vibe. There are worse places to be like.

Off to do a little writing and then sleeeeeeep.

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  1. Welcome to Perth, Mr Scalzi!

    Hope you recover well and quickly, and I look forward to seeing you at Swancon!

  2. We have neighbors from Perth and, when they move back, a place to stay there in perpetuity. Some day, I mean to get down there and then go up to Exmouth to go diving with Whale Sharks (and yes, I realize that’s not a small distance).

    I can’t think of any Perth-referencing music, but this:

  3. I went to Perth for 2 weeks on a business trip, May i suggest going into freemantle at some point in your trip if you have the time?

    I have also been on that 34 hour flight, its a bit of a pain and left me exausted, the flight back was worse that going over in my opinion though so….good luck with that….

  4. This Aukland place sounds fantastical!
    Seriously, Perth is considerably more isolated than Auckland.

    It’s a pity that Swancon is always on when I am going to a big airshow here in NZ (Wanaka or Omaka).

  5. I can actually give a reasonable idea of which end of Perth he’s at (East Perth) and probably a reasonable guess at the hotel just from that view. For those who are interested, the big grassed area in the foreground is called Langley Park, and it was, at one point, the main aerodrome and runway area for the Perth region. These days, it’s mainly sporting grounds (soccer, hockey, and I think rugby) and general recreation area.

    By the bye – Thomas N – it’s Fremantle, with one E. Named after Captain Fremantle of the “Success”, one of the two ships in the Western Australian version of the First Fleet (the first batch of English colonists to land here, back in 1829).

  6. Welcome to Australia, John. I hope you have a great trip. Try to check out Freo if you have some time and good luck with the flight back. All the best places require some sacrifices. ;-)

  7. Welcome to Australia John! Looking forward to meeting you at Swancon, I fly across tomorrow morning. I’ll try not to squeee at you too hard ;)

    I would guess that’s the Pan Pacific hotel, venue of the con…

    Also, try not to accidentally get killed!

  8. But this means that you are upside down! Won’t the words fall up of the computer and collect on the ceiling, or if you call Krissy you and she will be speaking backwards toward each other yoda-like, or something?

  9. Welcome to Australia John! Looking forward to meeting you at Swancon, I fly across tomorrow morning. I’ll try not to squeee at you too hard ;)

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