Novel Completion Queries, Day Nineteen

Is the novel finished: NO, but soooooooooooo close.

Today’s question: So, how ya doin?

My answer: I’m sooooooo close to being done with the novel, but I’m also literally falling down fatigued (remember I’m in Australia at the moment so it’s evening for me as I write this), so I’m going to go to bed, get a little sleep and then attempt to finish the thing before my first panel tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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  1. Sending best wishes for success, sir. Based on my own experience, you may wish to consider re-reading these final bits once you get back to the States and catch up on your sleep, though I seem to recall you mentioning once that you don’t go back and edit your own work once it’s done. It could still be a prudent thing to do, just this once.

    As to how I am doing, thanks for asking. Work is nuts, family is well, and I’m really, really tired.

  2. Don’t know how you do it. I just did a back-to-back to DC and Denver and it wore me out. Two maybe three days to get fully back into the groove. Let us know how you fare in re-integrating to the northern hemisphere.

  3. They’re working you darn hard at Swancon; I’m astonished that you’re managing to write at the same time. And with all that blue sky and mild (for us) autumn weather out there, it must be even harder. Fingers crossed you’ll finish tomorrow and get to relax a little. Have you had a chance to go up the DNA tower in Kings Park?

  4. How am I doing? With Passover coming, and a roving stomach bug passing between my kids, my wife, and me, I’m more than a little tired. Otherwise, not too shabby!

  5. Wow, that’s close! Oh so close!

    I’m pretty well, thanks, but busy, way too busy, which had me feeling VERY stressed out. I just slimmed down my responsibilities for the next couple of weeks and I feel slightly better. I’m now going to do All The Things.

    I’m also still cheery because I blogged about a new book I think is important in an area I am starting to work in / doing creative stuff in (trauma and PTSD) and the author sent me a very nice email about what I wrote. If you’re curious about my post and/or project, search on PTSD and my name and it will come right up.

  6. Chicken soup made, brisket cooking, matzah balls mix chillin’ and waiting to be cooked, charosit and deviled eggs to be made. I’m fortunate enough to have my 11 year old granddaughter come over and help in the kitchen. So it’s a good but busy day. Happy Passover to all who celebrate and happy Easter to all who celebrate.

  7. I’m doing GREAT!, local time in Indiana is12:51 and I am about to go out for a long lunch with my wife for our 19th anniversary. Shameless plug for kudos here, I know, but I am so happy and lucky to have her in my life!

    P.S. she wanted to get married on April 1st, which might have changed my feelings towards that particular day.

  8. John, as a former combat engineer, let me just say “ESSAYONS!” Even if the task may seem insurmountable, or that last little bit of effort will seem like a bit too much, SOLDIER ON! You’re almost there, and there are a lot of people who will be waiting at the finish line to pat you on the back.

  9. Is that your best Joey Tribbiani? (Low voice): “How YOU doin’?”

    (The obligatory “Friends” reference)

  10. Walking on air today. Last night I worked up our gross income stream from our 63rd year to our 85th year on an Excel spreadsheet; that being the year that per the mortality table we are both supposed to be dead. The total for the stretch of 23 years came to $2.1 million! I think we can live on that come what may. What’s the word on your ailing cat? She still with us?

  11. “As to how I am doing, thanks for asking. Work is nuts, family is well, and I’m really, really tired.”

    Colonel Snuggledorf, you have just summed up the story of my entire life to date. Except for those times when the family is nuts, work is well, and I am really really tired.

  12. Good luck and thanks for keeping us updated.

    And I must agree with the commenter who said go home, sleep lots then re read what you did here.

    I have avoided some horrors that way. There’s only a small select list of people I’d like to see that happen to, and you’re definitely not among them.

  13. I’ve just woken up (it’s 7.24am Perth time) and am looking forward to another lazy day of doing very little. About the only thing I have to do is go and buy a plant for my mother (birthday present) and the nearest place that sells plants is about five minutes drive away at most (Bunnings Bibra Lake). So once I get that done, thee daye is mine owne.

  14. Good Luck.
    I’m Great! Yesterday went to a performance of Julie Massey and the Five Finger Discount. Today went golfing. Rained. I fought the course and the course won. Now am eating a sausage, squash and bok choy soup and relaxing. Life is good.

  15. After writing my first novel sixteen years ago (and thirteen other novels since), I have just had my first acceptance from a real live publisher. WOW. Since it will be both print (here in Australia) and digital, it might just show up in a Big Idea some day!

    Oh, *swoon*

    Or more appropriately, since it’s a pirate book. . . ARRRRR!

    Felicity Banks (Captain)

  16. I’m at the lovely “coughing up lungs” stage of getting over a cold. Other than that, just peachy.

  17. I’m cool, almost recovered from a virus that for a few days disguised itself as pneumonia. (I work in a hotel for the homeless and there’s yet another pneumonia alert.)

    I’m in the final stages of editing fifty plus short stories I wrote over the last five years or so. Writing for me is a life long serious hobby and I have no plans trying to get any of the stories published through the traditional channels.
    I think I might go the print-on-demand route. There are some thirty plus folks who have been reading my stuff forever and it would be cool to be able to make a book for them (at cost prize: I already have a job that makes enough money to live on.)

    Also, my best friend is a great artist and she has promised to make a cover for the book if I will go that route – and I am quite excited by that!

    So yeah: no pneumonia, close to finishing a writing project – and also close to the start of a half year leave from work in order to buy a second home in the Czech republic… I’m good.

  18. Spring gardening (especially since I have to move redbud trees I should have moved as saplings 2 years ago) looms, in inverse proportion to how much of it I am actually getting done.

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