Cover Reveal and Release Dates for The End of All Things Novellas

First, isn’t that cover gorgeous? It’s from John Harris, of course.

Second, as you know, The End of All Things, my next novel, is comprised of four novellas, each of which to be released electronically before the debut of the print/combined eBook edition. If you follow this link to, you will get to see all the novella covers, each from the fantastic John Harris, and the release schedule for the novellas. The hardcover will be out (in the US) on August 11.

Click that link, folks. Lots of John Harris awesome on the other side of it.

23 Comments on “Cover Reveal and Release Dates for The End of All Things Novellas”

  1. Will we be able to get the versions novella by novella this time?
    Enjoyed that with “The Human Division”

  2. can you comment on where to do the proper preorder that gives us both the digital copies and the hard copies? actually, just a ‘what versions there will be and how to get the best one for your needs’ grid would be nice ;)

  3. As far as I know the novellas will be available at all major ebook retailers, the hardcovers at all bookstores online and off, and the audio version through Audible.

  4. ok, on a previous update, you mention that preordering nets a combo pack of both the digital and hardcover:

    (for those of you who preordered the book, you’ve preordered the print/combined eBook version).

    if someone wanted to take part in that, is it too late or is amazon just not mentioning that on their page? I’m looking at and not seeing mention of one including the other

  5. So is Fran Drescher doing the Audible Narration or maybe Gilbert Gottfried – or maybe both (like your last book)

  6. tiki god:

    No, I was perhaps unclear, and/or you may have been too hopeful (which I appreciate!). I meant it’s being released both in hardcover AND compiled eBook, not that people could get both for the same price. Sorry.

  7. Any chance of there being a signed, limited Subterranean Press version, as you did with Lock In?

  8. SubPress didn’t do a limited version of Lock In (yet), they just acted as a retailer and I came in and signed copies of the Tor edition. They are in fact doing the same with this one. Go to their Web site for more information and also I will make a post about it soon here.

  9. I was really hoping that the hardcover of “The Human Division” would have all the novella covers too, but I guess there was no real way to do that. Probably the same for “The End of All Things.” If they ever did a limited edition fancy-pants run, that would be a great addition. John Harris’ covers look great.

  10. John Harris does great work, but the cover he does for your novels are always fantastic. They always capture the feeling of the novel.

  11. Awesome! I loved the episodic distribution of The Human Division, and look forward to these novellas. I’m curious: did you find it easier when writing to “package” the novel into three longer stories rather than having to make sure thirteen shorter stories each worked as a story yet still fit together?

  12. I’ll probably wait for the combined version. Individual novellas are great in the short term, but since they don’t get “wrapped up” into one library item once you’ve “collected all four” that leads to a really jumbled library in the long run. Ideally, there’d be a special episodic ebook format that would collect the episodes and group them behind one display cover. During the run it would pop open to list individual covers for the novellas, and then convert to a combined version (either just a concatenation or an ‘official’ combined version) after the release.

  13. Great, now we need to see if John Goodman is available to do the audiobook.

    Actually, I bet he’d be good at it.

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