I Love LA

Mostly because this person is here with me at the moment.

And that’s all you get today, people. See you tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “I Love LA

  1. We both got lucky, marrying people who were smarter than us, and having more common sense. This holds from the Greater Covina Empire to the Altadena-Pasadena Alliance. And in a majority of the Magellenic Clouds.

  2. Enjoy! I”m just basking in your presence, somewhere within a dozen or two miles of me…

  3. You’re in California?  From Ohio?  Did you bring us our water?

    Scurrilous usufructs of the thieving jet stream!  Receivers of unjustly diverted water!  You Midwesterners owe us one billion gallons.  Bladder contents do NOT count!

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