Off Again

I’m doing things and stuff in the real world over the weekend, including my appearance this Saturday at the LA Times Festival of Books with Wil Wheaton, and then flying home. So this is very likely the last you’ll see of me in this space until Monday (or possibly late Sunday). If you’re in Los Angeles, come see us at the Festival — and if you’re not, have a fabulous weekend anyway. See you on the other side.

9 Comments on “Off Again”

  1. Followed the link to the festival’s program–wish I could come. Your author bio is distinctively and unmistakably your writing voice :-). Damn. Wish I could be there.

  2. Got to go to the festival of books today (4-18). I just want to say thank you for coming and signing the books. You were the highlight of my visit there and worth the trouble (said trouble was that the stupid train up there from Long Beach took almost two hours which should have taken only an hour). Anyway, had a great time attending with my wife!

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