What Was Waiting for Me When I Came Home

I mean, aside from child and pets and house and my own bed: Three weeks worth of books sent, which I will catch up with and post during the week. As Athena said: “It’s like Christmas, but for work.” Yes, well.

In other news, I am home. And I get to be home for, like, four whole days. And then I leave again. I am determined to enjoy these next four days fully.

15 Comments on “What Was Waiting for Me When I Came Home”

  1. I suddenly feel the need to send a SASE and a copy of Moby Dick, just to make your life more random.

    Please sign it “To John, Best Wishes, Herman Melville”.

  2. What percentage of those will you read? When I was younger and had fewer things going on in my life I was a voracious reader. These days I’m lucky if I can get through one book a month. But I do play and sing a whole lot of music, so it’s not all drudgery.

  3. WOO HOO! BANJO! Mind you, getting the right bend on the finger picks can be a pain in the tips… and deciding between plastic and metal (I prefer metal). LOL

    Also, what will you do with all those envelopes? I mean seriously. Save them for winter in case the power goes out and you need heat/fire? ;-)

    P.s., Your bridge appears to be a little out of whack, unless you have a really whacked out banjo! And I can buy that for a dollar!

  4. Heh. It’s really not intentional; they have to go somewhere and Krissy made the display a couple of years ago. If I take a picture in my office they are likely to show up.