A Thing to Remember When Dealing With Sad Puppies

[On second thought, this was not well-argued and I’m withdrawing it until I can more fairly and accurately make the point I want to make. Will update when I do. In the meantime, note to self: Don’t write screeds when operating under lack of sleep — JS]

1 Comments on “A Thing to Remember When Dealing With Sad Puppies”

  1. Written when I was up with a bit of insomnia — now heading to sleep. Will turn these comments on when I wake up.

    Update: Will turn on the comments if/when I update this entry.

    As a general note: I put up this post and then realized it wasn’t accurate or fairly phrased for everyone involved, so down it came. Some of you saw it before I took it down, I’m sure (I understand it may still be available via RSS). I think the general sentiment was correct, but the specific argument I gave was not good. Apologies for that. I assume if I had had more sleep, I wouldn’t have published it prior to a substantial edit.

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