Reminder: I’m in Gainesville, Florida This Saturday For a Library Event

Yes! I’ll be in Gainesville this Saturday, April 25 at 1pm at the Alachua County Library main branch, for a reading, Q&A and possibly a signing (the event is supposed to run from 1 to 2, but if they let me hang around after, I’ll sign some books). Here are the actual details. I’ll be reading from the upcoming book, The End of All Things, plus a couple of other bits. So if you want a speak preview of the book before almost anyone else, now you know what you’re doing with your weekend. See you there!

16 Comments on “Reminder: I’m in Gainesville, Florida This Saturday For a Library Event”

  1. You mean you’ll actually be the city? Not just in it? *dodges hammer blow* sorry, if you would’ve missed it once I’d have stayed quiet. Twice, I assued it was a contest. :D

  2. “…speak preview…” I was going to call you out for a misspelling and went DOH! I see what he did there! Tricky writer.

  3. A “speak preview”. That’s an awesome turn of phrase, combining the “sneak preview” with the fact that it’s read, so it’s spoken.

  4. Hooray! I’m a fan in Gainesville, so I’ll be there. Might also try to convince some of the folks from my college science fiction class to come out, too. This will be fun!

  5. I graduated from UofF in 1976… only been back there a few times. Too far north and too much to do here on Saturday in New Jersey… Gainesville is a neat city, I hope you enjoy it.

  6. I can’t wait to meet you! I’m on the library planning committee and I’ve been so excited since it was announced! We’re all really looking forward to your visit!

  7. Woo Gainesville! I’ll be there.

    We don’t have In-N-Out but there’s lots of good places to eat around the library!

  8. man, that is right on the edge of the “day trip is feasible” radius of Atlanta. Due to Sunday commitments I will probably have to skip it but I’m soooo tempted…especially if Dragoncon will again be Scalzi-less.

  9. That is a short 2.5 hour ride away, and totally tempting! Not been to many of your events, due to our extreme southern location, but my 14 year-old read Redshirts and was wowed. Do you get many teen fans at events?