On My Way to Gainesville

Hey! I’m back at the airport! Again! Yay?

Seriously, at some point there will be a month where I don’t have to do any travel and I won’t know what I will do with myself. That month this year: September. Yes, September is the only month in 2015 where I don’t have travel scheduled. I honestly didn’t know writing would involve so many planes.

Anyway, off to Gainesville, where tomorrow at 1pm I will be doing an event at the Alachua County Library main branch. Reading! Q&A! Signing! And stuff. If you’re in the area, see you there, hopefully. If you’re not in the area, I guess you will have to find something else to fill that empty hole in your lives. I suggest air hockey.

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  1. My daughter got the whole family a Christmas present of play tickets. In Orlando, at 2 p.m. Saturday. Do you think they’d notice if Mom slipped out – ? ~sigh~ Probably. I’ll wave to you from Orlando on Saturday.

  2. If you want to unwind afterwards, there’s a cool bar nearby called The Midnight. Very game/sci-fi friendly and a friendly bartender too.

  3. That your writing career has involved lots of airports and flying probably indicates that you’re doing something right.

  4. You have fortitude. This much travel and meeting the public along with full-time writing would exhaust me.

  5. A while ago my job required me to travel by plane every month. During those 2 / 3 years, I went from “I kind of enjoy flying” to “Not. A. Plane. Again.”

    The only positive thing about it is that now I am pretty good at packing luggages and planning trips in a efficient way.

    Anyway, have fun in Gainesville!
    (Hopefully one day your travels will bring you to Italy)

  6. At what point is it financially optimum for you to buy your own airplane?
    Orbital spacecraft?
    Cislunar frequent-flyer pass?

  7. NOPE! not going to get me on a plane ever again, and my dad used to fly one. last time i was on a plan it was to Texas and it didn’t end clean. NOPE!

  8. I’ll try to fill that hole with the Austin Food & Wine Festival this weekend. It probably won’t be enough, though.

  9. Missed your LA apperance, Grrrr…looking forward to getting some ink on my copy of the OMW whenever you are in Socal again!

  10. Gainsevegas! LOL – wow, done biz there for 15 years, which is why I live by the beach near Tampa, but I digress.

    INSIST on dinner at Embers :-) Trust me. Have the martini…..

  11. writing only requires planes because you are so damn successful. If you were an unknown writer like me, you’d never need to travel anywhere. ;-)

  12. I will also be waving from Orlando (darn family obligations). But here’s what I’d say if I was there. I’d give you my hard copy version of Old Man’s War to sign, as I explained that the book was like an old friend I visit regularly. And I would compliment you on the only story I’ve ever felt compelled to write a review of on Amazon – The Human Division: A Problem of Proportion. You took a sci-fi trope and gave it a heart. And I would thank you, as one of the mindless horde who must follow your every instruction on what to think and read, for using your awesome power for good. That last part would be said with just the right amount of ha ha inside jokeiness. So thank you. Please come to Florida again sometime.

  13. Wish we could have Star Trek style transporters all over the place instead. Train is best, planes second, then busses and cars… but all make me tend to get achy and stiff. Best if someone else can drive at this point in my life, I just can’t take driving for huge amounts of time any more. Sigh.

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