Today’s New Books and ARCs

A little something for everyone in this stack of new books and ARCs. See anything that calls to you? Tell me in the comments!

34 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs”

  1. Anything by Paul Kemp is worth reading (try is Erevus Cale novels in the Forgotten Realms or his Egil and Nix series).

  2. The Delany is “Jewels of Aptor¨, “Ballad of Beta 2” , and “They Fly At Ciron”.
    Time to upgrade :-)

  3. I got The Vorrh in last week’s batch and ought to have the review ready by Thursday. It’s definitely an intriguing bit of New Weird for the VanderMeer and Miéville crowd.

    Getting ready to record today’s Mailbag so I’ll see what new treasures await. I suspect the new Kadrey will be one of them.

  4. Wow, a rarity… Nothing off my Books To Get list on the weekly Scalzi Book Heap O’ Doom.

  5. Have to second the comment about Paul S. Kemp. He made some really dark books in the Forgotten Realms’ part of Dungeons and Dragons. It felt kind of Elrician. Definitely worth the time.

  6. After introducing my (then) 9 year old niece (now 13) to the Star Wars universe, now I’m happily stuck buying her SW fiction at every opportunity. But after accidentally purchasing some books that were “too mature/violent” at the time, my brother said I had to read everything before I gave it to her. This somewhat backfired, since all I do is read it and then warn her or explain it to her in advance so she doesn’t ask my brother any questions. If this is all it takes to be subversive and rebellious to a 13 yo, then I’m all in. Lords of the Sith for me!

  7. Okay, Mailbag is done, and this week I got the Delany A, B, C omnibus as well as MaryRob’s Of Noble Family and Kit Reed’s Where, plus some others. Video is currently uploading to my channel and ought to be viewable shortly after 8PM CDT.

  8. Really should read my ARC of the Kadrey. Right after I catch up on the latest Expanse novel

  9. @TMW: Your SFF 180 Mailbag episode got me intrigued about The Vorrh; I look forward to the review!

  10. Who is that lovely Viper Wine edition published by? I already wanted to read the book itself, but the cover i’ve seen certainly didn’t match with that striking spine.

  11. Scratch that, i’ve managed to find it – I couldn’t quite make out what it said there on the spine itself, but apparently it’s from Hogarth, for anyone else interested.

  12. I’ve been exceedingly disappointed in the recent Sandman Slim books. There on the cover, I’m promised an awesome thrill ride of a movie, and instead, inside, there’s a text novel about a *spoiler* trying to enjoy a drink and a movie without having to keep the world in one piece, while doing right by his friends.

    *rolls to dodge mallet*

    Doesn’t mean it’s off my list, though.

  13. I was interested enough in Fearsome Creatures that I went to see if I could get a copy. Unfortunately, the one review for the one available edition (UK) said it was a poor reproduction of something fairly ancient, with bits missing. A zombie book?! Does anyone know the deal?

  14. I’ve at least read some of Delany’s work (including, as I recall, a couple of the stories in the book you show.) The second book down I can’t read all the title, and only one of the authors’ names, so I’m not sure about it. I have read The Science of Discworld II, though. I’ve never heard of any of the other authors that I can recall.

  15. Dunx – The Discworld Science books are being published in the US for the first time by Anchor Books (part of Random House/Doubleday) which have also published the other recent Pratchett short fiction/essay books. That appears to have been part of the recent deal for US rights. Not sure when the HarperCollins rights for the back catalog revert.

  16. Kadrey is always fun, and I’m pleased to seem him branching out a bit from the Sandman Slim stories.

    If only “A, B, C” were new novels, sigh.