For No Reason at All, Here I am Singing “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles

Because why not. 

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  1. It’s called an “earworm”. I had one of those, myself: somehow “Games People Play” got into my head and stayed for nearly TEN DAYS!

  2. Er, is this for no reason in particular, or the same lack of reason that has been gripping fandom for the last month?

  3. JDF:

    It was selected because I can play it on the guitar, and that’s all. It was between this and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

  4. John: Ah, that makes sense. I was just thinking that the lyrics were particularly applicable to someone…

  5. I often do this with Blackbird. Though today is devoted to The High Kings, because apparently that’s what I do when I visit soon-to-be beer gardens and get ready for author events.

  6. So you would not be saying that John, George, Paul and Ringo were having a joint precognitive experience?

  7. Your voice is definitely channeling Lennon there.

    (This is one of the two songs in Yellow Submarine that, when it plays on TV, I drop what I’m doing and watch because I love the visuals.)

  8. PS: Since you’re taking requests (in Tweets), and since “Open Arms” is probably out of your range, perhaps might you do “Foolish Heart?”

  9. Why not indeed, enjoyed it, and love While my guitar gently weeps as well, George did some awesome song towards the end of the Beatles life as a band, have blogged Something by him, but am not a guitarist singer, so it is the original. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. :-)

  10. Well. You can do that and post it on your website because the world is at your command.

  11. Having subjected it to exhaustive analysis; i.e. listening to it first on old iPad and then on air iPad, I have come to two conclusions:

    IPad Air is way ahead

    You did the song justice

    Admittedly it will take days to remove it from my brain, for reasons linked both to the tune and the lyrics, but it’s worth it…

  12. I thought mentioning earworms was one of their routes of transmission. For instance (not that I would) if I were to mention “It’s A Small World After All,” just reading the words can often be enough to infect the reader.

  13. It’s a world of cruel mediocrity
    Where you can’t hope for more than what you see
    Where your boss is a jerk
    And you do mindless work
    It’s a REAL WORLD after all…

  14. That reminds me–now that you’ve finished the book, how are you liking your funky double-necked guitar?

  15. Because why not? Because EARWORM is why not! Sounded good though, and I’m sure it will fade in a week or so … ;).

  16. I like Nowhere Man. I like John’s rendition of the song because he sings no worse than I do. (And plays guitar infinitely? better than I do.)
    But I particularly liked Cubist’s skewering of Small World!

  17. Lurkertype, great minds. When I readsbradfor’s post last night, I almost posted in response: “Heee’s a reeeel nowhere maaaan.”

    And I do like Scalzi’s rendition quite a bit. What was the first one he posted of him singing when he got the ukelele? I can’t remember the song, just how charming it was–and by “charming,” I’m not doing the verbal equivalent of patting him on the head and giving him a medal for participation. I mean honestly charming. I think his singing of “Nowhere Man” is even better.

  18. When I played it, my cat, who was sitting on my lap, raised her head and pricked up her ears and seemed to be listening until it was over, then went back to sleep. I’m fairly sure that’s the highest complement she gives to any music that I play.

  19. That was most enjoyable, well-played, and sounded a bit Liverpudlian to boot.
    Mind if I keep a copy?