Today’s New Books and ARCs, 4/28/15

Once again, some high-quality selections in today’s stack of new books and ARCs. Tell me which of these sings a special song to you. Do it in the comments.

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  1. I confess, I just come here to look at the new books. Harlan Ellison with “The Top of the Volcano” sounds good; Even when I find his stories disturbing. The title ‘Footsteps in the Sky sounds interesting.

  2. ‘The Top of the Volcano’ was in the HumbleBundle, and I highly recommend it.

    It’s also a useful corrective to the cries of various puppies about the good old days when you could judge a book by its cover and be sure that Man would inevitably dominate the Universe, because reasons…

  3. BravoLimaPoppa – Bookish SF, fantasy and history fan. Fitness buff. Fencer. Juggler. Cook. Father. Husband.

    Apex by Ramez Naam and Footsteps In The Sky by Greg Keyes. I love both authors stuff.

  4. Bex – I write. A lot. For school, for personal pleasure, blogging, etc. What doesn't happen much is me finding the time to finish the things I really do want to write and give them the attention they deserve. This blog is to keep myself accountable and to serve as place for my writing notes and ideas and inspiration. Also, random over-caffinated giggles.

    Ooh, I’m really excited for Archivist Wasp.

  5. I just finished reading Holly Bodger’s 5 to 1 – an unusual twist on dystopia – set somewhere in South Asia. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

  6. Ooh, Apex. I’ve been waiting for that one. I was disappointed that he didn’t win a Campbell last year. Now he’ll probably go and start his own Hugo slate. (jk)

  7. I guess I don’t get it – do they honestly think you’ll read all 11 books? TODAY? Before another 10 show up tomorrow? Or are they hoping you’ll do a blub for just one?

  8. kimberly – I am a lifelong learner and a rule breaker. I am a cancer survivor. I am an artist and a science fiction reader. I believe in people - our goodness and our intelligence. I believe that we have the ability to collaborate, to figure things out, and to find the future. I am hopeful. I believe in civility.

    They sing in such lovely harmonies! Footsteps in the Sky by Greg Keyes. Love his stuff. Also, of course, Top of the Volcano because Harlan. Hard to choose one or two. A great stack of evening reading for the bedside table.

  9. willisgarycpa – Victoria, BC, Canada – Retired life-long Texan after 27 years in Public Accounting as an MBA Certified Public Accountant and 18 years in Education as an MA-English Teacher, now relocated summer 2018 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to continue decades long self-employed career as a Poet and Writer.
    Gary Willis

    No way you can read all these books sent to you that you show us from time to time, not and have time for this blog, your writing, and your travels. So how many books do you read in a year for pleasure. Just curious.

  10. ARCHIVIST WASP!!!!! I read it in ARC form, it is AMAZING. Reviewing it for Lightspeed also. Guh, so sharp & painful & resonant, so GOOD.

  11. I already have the complete stories and quite a few earlier collections, so I won’t need it for my shelves. (I still may buy it for myself as well: it looks rather nice…) It would make for a great present though and I will probably end up buying a fair amount of copies for gift giving purposes.

  12. I’m reading the Ellison book as part of the Humble Bundle I bought recently, and it’s incredible to have so many great stories gathered in one place. Although I’m enjoying as an ebook, it would be great to hold that print edition in my hands.

  13. Lex Talionis, because of its name, and because it’s the name of a scent I got from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, and it’s discontinued.

  14. I too got the Ellison book in a recent Humble Bundle. It’s great stuff, but, you know, Ellison. Not what you’d call up-beat. I had to pause for a bit and go read some Pratchett. :)

  15. Oh whew, we’re back to “I proofread something in that pile” territory. The last pile didn’t have anything I’d worked on–weirded me out! ;-)

  16. Jay – New Bern, NC – INGREDIENTS: coffee, books, music, podcasts, NPR, cats, movies, the Oxford comma, and Netflix - - - WARNING: may contain nuts - - - MADE IN THE USA
    Jay E.

    Lord Fear, simply for the title typography

  17. Archivist Wasp is AMAZING. It’s one of the best things I’ve read, no exaggeration. It has claws and it will put them in your heart and drag you along for a thrill ride.

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