New Books and ARCs, 4/29/15

It’s been a week of new books and ARCs, and here’s today’s installment (there will be another one tomorrow, too!). What in this stack catches your fancy? Make note of it in the comments!

41 thoughts on “New Books and ARCs, 4/29/15

  1. I gotta say, The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats sounds like a preview of the 2016 presidential elections.

  2. Oooh the new Mark Hodder! Love this series! It doesn’t exactly catch my “fany” though :)

  3. I am happy to see Scott Sigler thriving as a published writer. I was a great fan of EarthCore as a podcast during the very original run.

  4. Marion writes:

    Anyone else find the layout on THE PEN IS MIGHTIER a bit startling? No? Just me, then.

    Yep. Perhaps its the lighting on the foil, but it looks to me like the roughened font and the uneven kerning makes that title a bit ambiguous.

    It’s not quite as ambiguous as the Beggars in Spam edition of Nacy Kress’ Beggars in Spain.

  5. Marion – I am wondering if the kerning of the title on The Pen Is Mightier is purposely bad. If not, there’s a cover designer out there that perhaps is not up to the job.

  6. Marion – “The Fen Is hngh?” Lessee, “The Pen is Mightler, uh, Mightier.”
    The Sarah Lotz and the “Attack of the Mutant Aflatoxin” ones look interesting.
    Jay Lonner: Automated Aristocrats yeah, -sigh.-

  7. Yeah, I think THE PENIS MIGHTIER is one of those titles that calls out for mixed-case lettering (or at least full caps/small caps) on the spine lettering.

    For once I’ve actually read one of these books, and can say that THE GOSPEL OF LOKI is a real treat.

  8. I like to think the kerning on THE PEN IS MIGHTIER is deliberate purely to get a rise out of people. It’s hard to know where the author’s been shafted or whether it’s their choice, although someone with the balls to call their book THE PEN IS MIGHTIER is inviting people to look down at it and snigger.

  9. I only read Infected by Scott Sigler but I can tell I would enjoy most if not all of his work. Pretty sure the book is part of a trilogy; I need to get to it eventually.

  10. I am the author of “The Pen is Mightier” — the snigger-inducing reference to the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit is intentional. The book is fantasy-satire, and partially inspired by Scalzi. As “Redshirts” is to “Star Trek”, “The Pen is Mightier” is to GRRM’s ASOIAF.

  11. I’ve received an ARC of ALIVE myself, read it, and I can tell you all it is a fantastic book. (Though I’m saddened that the publisher decided to change the cover. Go check out the difference between the ARC cover and the new cover. The ARC cover I’d willingly pick up off the shelf; the new one, I would not have even given a second glance.)

  12. Also — the copy I sent to John had a preliminary cover design; the cover has been finalized for Kindle (and other ebook formats) and is for sale. The paperback with the finalized cover will be available soon.

  13. The Door in the Moon and The Venusian Gambit.

    The Pen Is Mightier would benefit from a slightly different font; one that doesn’t lend itself to quite so much innuendo. Unless, of course, that was the intent.

  14. I like the title of Within These Walls and both the Pyr offerings look tempting. Looks like being a writer gets you lots of books to read…BONUS!

  15. Since when did all books have all their titles printed top-to-bottom on the spine? Or is it just SF books? Checking bookshelves I generally have to keep twisting my head one way and the other to read the titles, and it’s really annoying.

    There should be a law.


  16. I hated “The Gospel of Loki”, I would have thrown it through the room if the book design hadn’t been so very pretty. Instead I took it to a book exchange cupboard in town.

    The Edda has been told so often that it’s all in the telling, not in the plot. and a whiny narrator who mocks all the men for being stupid and all the woman for being vain and/or ugly and having lose morals is not even a parody, it’s just nails-on-chalkboard.

    I had to wiki the author, and then double-check other sources to convince myself that she’s not a 19yo girl working through “all the jocks hate me because I’m so clever” high school issues.

  17. Inge – you’re probably unlikely to re read the book, but if you ever do, it might alter your perception of it to consider that Loki himself is both dishonest and an “all the jocks hate me because I’m so clever” type.

  18. I am the author of “The Pen is Mightier” — the snigger-inducing reference to the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit is intentional. The book is fantasy-satire, and partially inspired by Scalzi. As “Redshirts” is to “Star Trek”, “The Pen is Mightier” is to GRRM’s ASOIAF.

    So if GRRM reads it, he will have nightmares to the end of his days?

  19. Very intrigued by “The Venusian Gambit” and “The Pen is Mightier” (also the title of a fictional book mentioned in the work of fiction “Miss Buncle’s Book” by D. E. Stevenson). Apparently I have little company :)

  20. I hope you try “The Pen is Mightier”, Katherine, and I hope you enjoy it!

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