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The End of All Things: It’s Done!

Finished Saturday, April 4 at 9:02 am, Perth, Australia time. 99,000 words, give or take. And it’s pretty good. Immensely relieved to be done. For those wondering: Hardcover release on August 11, 2015. Electronic release of each of the four novellas that comprise the novel will happen in the immediate weeks before. Yes, we’re platforming […]

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Novel Completion Queries, Day Nineteen

Is the novel finished: NO, but soooooooooooo close. Today’s question: So, how ya doin? My answer: I’m sooooooo close to being done with the novel, but I’m also literally falling down fatigued (remember I’m in Australia at the moment so it’s evening for me as I write this), so I’m going to go to bed, get a […]

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Novel Completion Queries, Day Eighteen

Is the novel finished: NO, but it’s pretty close now. Today’s question: What’s the longest you’ve been away from home? For this exercise, we’re not counting military deployments, college stays, or things like LDS missionary work or the peace corps. We’re talking like “I’ve left the house and will have nothing resembling a permanent address until I […]

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Novel Completion Queries, Day Seventeen

Is the novel finished: NO Today’s question: April Fool’s Day: Love it, hate it, indifferent about it? My answer: I like it as a concept but am generally disappointed in the execution, as most “jokes” or “pranks” on April Fool’s Day aren’t really funny or clever. Being funny and clever is harder than most people seem to think […]

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