Krissy and Joan of Dark, 5/9/15

Krissy’s having a “girl’s only” party tonight; I’ll be spending the evening hiding out in my office, playing video games. Really, an optimal outcome for everyone involved.

How’s your weekend coming along?

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  1. Husband made breakfast (at 3pm) and we have a nice dinner reservation. So far, so good! On the other hand, need to study for a final exam on Monday…

    Realizing that this is the first year in a while that my birthday falls on Mother’s Day… which means yours does too. I don’t celebrate either, but wondering if you have any special plans.

  2. Loaded up the electronics, and hauled ’em to the electronics recycling event at a local computer store. Stuff like Apple LC II computers, iMacs from early 2000’s, cables, printers, old PC’s (Win 95), etc all went to be repurposed. Final phase of Spring Cleaning 2015 at Condo Chaos. Two car garage once again can accommodate two full size cars. Off soon to the Day Early Mothers Day event, joining the GoH at Cheesecake Factory. Shared food has fewer calories, right?

  3. I’ve typed some exams, written a post to go out tomorrow, submitted the final copy for our school yearbook, and now I’m watching Killing Them Softly.

    What video games do you enjoy playing?

  4. In about 2 and a half hours I will be spending my Sunday afternoon at work for five hours.

    Saturday was quiet and relaxing. Watched ‘Non-Stop’ with my fiancee over dinner.

  5. Sunday here.
    I work from home, but have a business trip coming up, so shopping for clothes (must be at least one step up from my normal work attire of shorts & singlet).

    BTW, not attending a “girls-only” event ? The Sad Puppies may withdraw your SJW credentials.

    Happy Mother’s Day from Oz.

  6. I got off work early (thanks to aggravating an old shoulder injury) and finished editing a thing for a grant writer way more quickly than I’d planned for, so I unexpectedly have the rest of the evening to work on my werewolf novel (I’ve decided to make the love interest a lampad!) and possibly do a review of Daredevil. Good times, even if I am in a fair bit of pain.

  7. Dumped a load of cardboard and metal at the recycling station, hit the pharmacy, grocery and hardware store, then came home and ripped out the remaining blackberry in my front yard. (I now have six 30-gallon bags of the stuff ready for next week’s free disposal.)

    Then spent a couple of hours with my new electric chainsaw/polesaw (see visit to hardware store) cutting up deadfalls and beginning to dismantle the junk trees in the front. (Part of me hates killing a living tree – but whatever these are, they’re scary; even a 1-1/2″ branch, green and growing, is so brittle I can snap it over my knee. There are three of these out there, and two of them are lashed to other trees with truck rope to keep them from falling over – and they’re shading out three gorgeous rhododendron bushes and at least one rosebush. Time to say goodbye.)

  8. Slept in, put together a final exam in predicate logic, ate lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant, and am now about play video games until I go to sleep.

  9. Hung out with my friends, wrote some stuff, generally had fun.

    Got killed by a glaive called Diplomacy. Good day overall.

  10. Cooking and cleaning for big party tomorrow. Mom and Dad just back from their winter in FL so the entire family gets together to celebrate Mothers Day and all the celebrations they missed since New Years (3 birthdays, a few awards). I’m genuinely sick and actually tired but, I’m not complaining (well, I’m complaining about being sick but, otherwise, I don’t mind).

  11. A friend and I got tickets for the Berkeley thing (it’s free but if you give them a little money up front, you get guaranteed seating).

    So you and Stan Robinson SHOULD BE WARNED that middle-aged white people are going to come listen to you and be polite and stuff. DESPAIR.

    @Fred K: I wish I’d spent today at your house. I will get a measly* two slices of bacon tomorrow.

    * as in small amount, not as in contagious disease. Ew.

  12. Hubby had a convention in DC, so we left Houston on Wed and just got back a few hours ago. I didn’t have as much fun as I’d hoped for–I did get to see the Natural History Museum in the Smithsonian complex, but by the time I figured out the subway route (ended up getting off too early and hoofing it with a rolling walker the rest of the way, ouch) and made it to NatHist, after seeing everything I wanted to there I was too tired and sore to check out any of the other museums. Did NatHist on Thurs, spent yesterday in the hotel recuperating from blistered feet and stiff/sore joints. Three days just isn’t enough time to see everything, alas.

  13. My weekend is going nicely. I made soup yesterday (lamb & vegetable – lots of vegetables, to the point where the only reason I’m not calling it stew is because there’s just a tad too much liquid), and this morning I had my breakfast of champions – cold leftover pizza. I have vague plans to phone my Mum for Mother’s Day, but I won’t be visiting because Himself has a touch of the lurgi (for the past week or so) and Mum babysits for one of my cousins on a regular basis; don’t want the kids getting whatever it is Himself has. I had thought I was coming down with it myself, but it appears to have retreated (of course, having said that, I’ll probably be barking my lungs out by Wednesday).

    Today’s plans also include doing some dishes and playing computer games. Probably Aura Kingdom (I’ve not played it for a few days, and I’m sure my characters could do with a bit more work).

  14. Reading, hanging out with the zoo, light housework. I’m still getting over the ‘flu, and my garden is suffering for it.

  15. Spent way too much money at the Farmers’ Market (apricots! peaches! cherries! asparagus! mushrooms!), then on to the park adjacent to the Market for the annual Pagan Festival; saw many friends, heard good music, saw many lovely things but didn’t buy most of them, went out for coffee and pastries, came home and drank sangria. Having fun never used to be this exhausting, I guess I’m a little old lady now…

  16. Not bad. Bought a new bag of food and some crinkle balls for the cats. Food was devoured as soon as it was set out. Crinkle balls were played with briefly, then ignored; I believe they’ve since been moved to the secrect toy stash. Spent the rest of the day working on making jewelry and catching up on podcasts.

  17. It’s been a productive day for me, more than usual for a Saturday.

    Up at 5:30 for an early swing through the Farmers’ Market (spinach, asparagus, ramps, green garlic, pork chops, and Spouse got chili plants for his garden) with the elder kid. Had breakfast out with same kid, then dropped Spouse off at a local brewery to work on earning his craft brewer certificate and headed off to do the weekly shopping. Mowed the lawn, pruned some more trees, spent a couple hours at the pottery studio working on a piece I plan to donate to an upcoming charity auction, then retrieved Spouse from the brewery. Had sushi for supper and then went downtown to hear the local orchestra play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Was a bit disappointed in some aspects of the performance – dynamics were very uneven and the pace was choppy and way too fast in places – but the bass soloist was To Die For. Mmmm, mmm, MMMM.

    Laundry tomorrow, and probably some housecleaning. Hopefully another couple of hours at the studio. Spouse may put in tomato plants if it doesn’t rain.

    And happy early birthday, Mr. Scalzi, since I see from another comment that you’ll be celebrating tomorrow. May the year to come bring you health and contentment in plentiful measure.

  18. Sunday here now.
    Yesterday: made breakfast for missus and kids, mowed the lawn, cut off and cleared out rogue willow branches, made dinner, worked a few hours (deadline on Monday).
    Today: worked another hour of two, made breakfast again. Going to collect son from his sleepover party, then it’s off to Mons (Van Gogh exposition). After that: check up on the two household cats, and back to work until deadline is met. Last but not least: watch Match of the Day. Dinner will be leftovers from Saturday (made more than enough for that, clever me).

  19. I have hit the two week period of every year where I’m either working or asleep for the majority of the time. Taking some time off from the sleeping part to get brunch with the family for Mother’s Day before my 80 hour work week wooooo!

  20. I’m currently working at my extra job (sitting in the parking lot of a local warehouse for 4 hours on a Sunday morning) and reading Ancillary Justice.

  21. As someone upthread noted, it is Mother’s Day in Australia today, and I am a mother, so I spent half the day in bed eating chocolate croissants :-D

  22. Mostly, my weekends go by the famous quote from Office Space “I did nothing and it was everything I thought it would be”, but today I’ll have to get around to looking at my resume as one of the contractors at work are stopping their contract and so they’re looking for new positions for those of us who are affected by it. It’s pretty stressful, but I’ll manage. If anyone has a pile of kittens and puppies that I can hide under, it would be very helpful, though.

  23. Just about to finish; after I have posted this I will go to bed and when I wake up it will be Monday.

    I have volunteered to go to a meeting at 8.30am. A political meeting.


  24. .
    Follow-ups with co-editor on Quantum Cosmology Book proposal to Springer. Completed novelette “The World of Null-Vogt” five minutes before a playwright friend picked me up and we drove to a panel of poets at Vroman’s (where I’ve seen two of your signings/readings), the moderator having edited the anthology “Altadena Poetry Review” with blurb by the poet who read the inaugural poem at Obama’s inauguration. Recovering from a bite by a Yorky who was scared of my terrier at a local park. Finished one of my reboots of O. Henry stories to the Moon, now only 9 left to write for 62 story total. Worked hours face-to-face with a friend on our Technothriller trilogy proposal, and he reminded me that we HAVE to go to worldcon to properly pitch it, regardless of the Hugos mess. Sunday morning — the huge L.A. Times in from the driveway; fed the dog; now to grind Fogchaser coffee beans, brew pot of coffee for me and Chrissie. Thanks for asking!

  25. Bleeding editing ink all over an MA student’s thesis.
    I get to avoid the rebuild-the-garden-wall and take-out-trees kinds of gardening because it is pouring rain with increasing thunder.

  26. Yesterday (Saturday) morning I accidentally kicked a chair and (I suspect) fractured my little toe which is now a lovely bluish-purple. It didn’t get me out of work, but I suspect it may give me an excuse to stay off the exercise bike for a while. I have a lot of Kindle books to catch up on, so sort-of score, that and quilting.

  27. Sounds like fun! My wife started a book club with some others a few years back. They have a blast. And, yeah, when it’s at our house I usually take Ben with me and we eat a Burgermaster or something like that then stay in the basement.

  28. Happy Mother’s Day!
    One of the cats has developed a not-yet-clearly-understood food intolerance and made repeated loud upchucking noises at 3am.
    So I am spending the afternoon hunting out and cleaning my “presents.”

  29. And erinkenny, so sorry to hear it.
    The hard part at this point is dealing with all the official crap at the same time people are dealing with a loss.
    It can be weeks before there’s really space for things like dealing with emotions.

  30. Thanks, all. Feeling a bit more rational now (she died at 2:38 am and we were with her so we’re exhausted). Thankfully we have a lot of really good people around us.

  31. Took my kids to a semi-local farm to play and look at real-life farm animals. Took my eldest to a birthday party. Now cooking dinner for the fam. All told, a good day.

  32. Erin Kenny – My condolences. I hope you have plenty of people around who are willing to help yourself and your spouse (and your spouse’s siblings) through the rather traumatic period leading up to the funeral.

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