And here we are again, another spin around the sun. And what can I say about it other than I continue to recognize that I am one of the most fortunate humans on the planet, in that I have a job I love doing, a family I love being a part of, friends whom I love being with, and a life that I strive every day to be worthy of. Without going into great detail about it, the week immediately preceding this particular birthday reinforced to me that this is indeed a good life, if I’m smart enough to keep it. I wish I could communicate adequately how grateful I am for all of it.

That’s all I’m going to say about that for now. I hope you will have a good May 10. If you’d take a moment during the day to tell someone you care about that you’re glad they’re in your life, I’d consider that a fine birthday present. It’s Mother’s Day here in the US (and probably elsewhere; I haven’t checked), so in one sense for many of you this will be taken care of. But other people will be happy to hear it as well, I’m sure.

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  1. Aren’t we lucky we’re not characters in our books? We tend to give them such a hard time.

    Happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday John! You share your birthday with my wife, who (jokingly) refers to you as He Who Shall Not Be Named; I love that every year you post one of these and I get to show it to her and laugh.

    And since it is her birthday I will indeed tell her how happy I am that she’s in my life. It seems a fitting birthday present to you both.

  3. Happy birthday. It’s going on midnight over here in Australia, and I was smart enough to take a picture of myself, my daughter, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and her mother together on Mothers’ Day (for various reasons, that combination may never be in the same room again). All but my husband’s grandma have the same name: Ms Banks. I’m proud to wear that name with such company, and they know it. I’m very lucky to be connected to every one of these people, and all our menfolk too.

    Felicity Banks

  4. Happy birthday! May it be a fine one with good friends and good cheer.

  5. When I saw “46” I figured you’d be telling us Douglas Adams was wrong. But it turned out you’re telling us you’re right (in the Australian sense). Long may you stay right, mate!

  6. Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday (I have a few on you; just hit the weeks-per-year number), and scouting ahead, things still look good.

  7. HBD. Instead of sending you a card – cause that’d be a little creepy – I (finally) bought a copy of OMW on ebook, as per this: http://goo.gl/sQaHrM

    So, next royalty check, know that the 7th nickel from the middle is from me!

  8. Happy Birthday John. I’d sing you a song but, you know, that would be cruel. I’ll join Doc in spending some money your way when the next book is out.

    Have a great day.

  9. Enjoy your day today – I hope it includes all the things that make you smile, and that it proves to be a harbinger of the year to come.

    And thanks for the reminder to acknowledge how much I appreciate the folks I love, too; I try to do that daily, but you know, it never hurts to give someone an extra hug. As the saying goes, a hug always fits, and it’s the one gift that nobody minds exchanging.

  10. Congratulations on one more year of annoying them what needs annoying, and making the rest of us very happy folks like you are around.

  11. Happy Birthday!!

    May you keep taunting the tauntable for decades to come.

  12. Floppy smurf-day two ewes.

    Incidentally Mothers Day in the UK is *not* today, it is the 4th Sunday in Lent; happy Mothers’ Day to Krissy and all other mothers in the US

  13. Happy Birthday!

    On a more somber note, it kind of sucks when a man looks at his beard and realizes, it isn’t going to get any better, thicker, more luxurious. The scraggly damn thing is just gonna slowly turn grey.

  14. Happy birthday, hope to see you celebrate many more! Have enjoyed reading your books, looking forward to your next one!

  15. Happy birthday, happy Mother’s Day to Krissy (and her mom and yours), and happy “someday you’ll look back on this and laugh, srsly” to Athena. Just roll your eyes where they can’t see you.

  16. Happy birthday, John! It’s the day before my father’s birthday, so you are definitely in close proximity to greatness.

  17. Happy Birthday, John! Congratulations on reaching another mill- er… milestone in the grind that is life! Much thanks for making some small portion of our world a better place with your wit & wonderful stories. Also Happy Mother’s Day to Krissy!

  18. My dad called me before he headed out to see his mom and sister, so I was able to send along love to them. So, done.

  19. Another trip around the sun is a wonder. BTY thanks or all the fun yo have provided!

  20. my apologies for the typo… Outlander was on and I looked away for second to admire the kilts (I got married in one btw)

  21. I spent a good part of today using my now-adult daughter’s M-day call to me to tell her how freaking awesome she is, how talented she is, and how proud I am to have hosted her in my uterus and had a part in her upbringing. Happy birthday, John! Hope you like that present. :)

  22. Happy belated birthday! I sincerely hope that you had a great day. Completely unknowingly, I managed to fulfill your request to someone who isn’t my mother. I have had opportunities recently to be grateful for what I have as well, and hopefully they have not been lost on me.

  23. Happy belated birthday! Since the greeting is belated and Mother’s Day took care of your birthday wish, I’ll renew the gift today as well, and hopefully again often in the future.

  24. Happy belated, John ! You make the world a little bit brighter for being in it. Glad to know you, even just electronically.

  25. Happy belated!! Scary that this falls on Mother’s Day, and the 38th anniversary of Joan Crawford’s death.

  26. John, you are no longer the answer to life the universe and everything. Happy BD.

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