My Birthday Present

Krissy got a headstone for Ghlaghghee’s grave (underneath the maple tree in the back yard) and planted flowers around it. And yes, I got a little choked up about it. She was a good cat and I miss her. But it’s a lovely little marker, and I’m glad it’s there. It was a very good present for me.

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  1. SD Gates – I work in the medical field, but really want to be a full-time gardener or writer or something that does not require me having to take a shower every morning. I have to work to buy my plants. My favorite thing to do is sit on the patio, with my puppies, writing, staring at the garden, daydreaming the day away.
    SD Gates

    That is so nice. I like the little stone, very thoughtful!

  2. Many internet hugs to you, John. It is a lovely way to remember such a wonderful cat. And thank you for sharing her with all of us too.

  3. As this is my first mother’s day without mine, this hit hard. good on ya both.

  4. That is lovely and thoughtful. Krissy is such a good person.

    I’m a little verklempt myself.

  5. I’m sad all over again thinking about Ghlaghghee’s death. But very glad that she has such a lovely memorial under her favorite tree. Krissy is a very tuned-in and loving person, not that you need telling that, of course.

    Peace be with you.

  6. *sniffle*
    That’s reminded me that my beloved Rufus’s ashes are still waiting to be scattered to “mark” the back yard. I’ve been waiting for some work to get done on the massively overgrown yard first so he doesn’t just end up marking the inside of the green waste bin instead.

  7. Cat Amesbury – Cat Amesbury is determined to write contemporary adult fables that draw inspiration from Lewis Carroll, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Sun Tzu. She is also determined to have a hard time explaining her stories to other people. Cat has lived in both the small town and the big city, but knows that all the best mysteries are hidden where you least expect them. Her thoughts and stories are drawn from a lifetime of looking underneath the rocks and inside the trees rather than where she was actually going.
    Cat Amesbury

    What a beautiful memory for a beautiful friend. My well-loved companion was buried under her favourite tree as well. I like to think she’s laughing at me every time an apple falls on my head.

  8. My other half had a laser etching done of one of her dogs that is buried in her front yard. Erin was a sweet dog who would have cheerful licked robbers to death. We still miss her.

  9. Awww, I’m choked up too at this remembrance of Her Fluffiness. But what does the inscription read above her name?

  10. norma200357 – I enjoy writing Biblical quotes to empower those who find them as an inspiration to your daily life, while growing in Faith.

    What a wonderful way to remember a beloved pet. I really got choked-up, brings back memories of the loss of my little Pom, “Foxxyling” 2011.

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