Daily Archives: May 14, 2015

Road Work

Here’s a needed bit of infrastructure work coming to pass — these dudes repaving our rural road. Now as far as the eye can see we have nothing but flat black asphalt. It’s lovely. Also, watching the repavement was strangely hypnotic; Krissy and I gawked at it for several minutes. There was something almost Zen […]

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Reader Request Week 2015 #8: On Being an Egotistical Jackass

MRAL asks: There are a lot of people who consider you an egotistical jackass. In your opinion, is this accurate? Maybe? Some thoughts on this, in no specific order. * I certainly have an ego, in the common usage of the term, and don’t believe I’ve ever tried to hide that aspect of my personality. I […]

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Reader Request Week 2015 #7: My Dream Retirement

Tim H asks: What’s your dream retirement scenario? Will you carry on writing as long as you can? I think asking a middle-aged adult what their dream retirement scenario is, is a bit like asking a kid what she wants to be when she grows up: She may have an idea, but that idea is […]

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The Big Idea: Karina Sumner-Smith

We all wish for that big break, whatever that “big break” might mean — but will that big break cause more problems than it solves? It’s a question that Karina Sumner-Smith considers in Defiant. Here she is to explain how it manifests in the world she’s created. KARINA SUMNER-SMITH: Imagine you won the lottery. At […]

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