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A Useful Moment From a Mentor

(Warning for those who need it: discussion of rape scenes in storytelling) So, many years ago, when I was still a very young writer, I made the acquaintance of Pamela Wallace, and she and I became friends. At the time I was a film critic, and she was a screenwriter — and not just a […]

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My Funny Internet Life, Part 9,744

Gamergater just claimed to have a higher IQ than I do. He apparently found it out by taking a free IQ test online! That's ADORABLE. (1/2) — John Scalzi (@scalzi) May 19, 2015 I may not be a smart man, but at least I don't dickwave about my IQ in public like it actually means […]

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The Big Idea: Naomi Novik

Memory is sometimes a tricky beast, but is that always a bad thing? Naomi Novik has some thoughts on this, and how memories, hazy or otherwise, relate to her latest novel Uprooted. NAOMI NOVIK: Here’s a test. Two scenes from movies. Tell me if you remember either of these. (The test is unfairly skewed towards […]

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