The End of All Things: Starred Review at Kirkus

The first review of The End of All Things is in at Kirkus Reviews, and I’m very pleased to say that it’s received a star (i.e., notation for being especially good).

The full review has some spoilery content, so be warned; here’s the link to it. For those who just want the gist, here’s a relevant excerpt:

It’s classic crowd-pleasing Scalzi, offering thrilling adventure scenes (space battles, daring military actions, parachute jumps through a planet’s atmosphere), high-stakes politics, snarky commentary, and food for thought. Delightful, compulsively readable, and even somewhat nutritious brain candy.

Mmmmm…. brain candy.

Also, and because this is how my brain works, I’m relieved that no matter what else happens, review-wise, we have quote for the cover for the paperback release. One neurotic worry down! Many, many more to go.

Anyway, this is my good news for the day. Hope you’re having a good day, too.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

34 replies on “The End of All Things: Starred Review at Kirkus”

FWIW, I hate quotes from anyone and anything on book covers and I’m talking power-of-a-thousand-suns level. I will give a grudging pass to an unobstrusive one-liner on the front cover but anything hovering near the synopsis on the back cover starts the volcano boiling and anything that omits a synopsis entirely in favour of quotes results in me trying to resist the urge to fling the book across the room and going “but what is it about dammit!?!?”

I generally don’t give a rats about someone else’s opinion on a book as, in my experience, other people’s opinions are usually a poor indicator of whether I’ll enjoy it. So unless I’m on close enough terms to someone that I am familiar with the fine nuances of their taste, the whole thing is meaningless at best and counterproductive when it results in a lack of information about the actual stories.

/end rant

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