It’s Been Nearly Three Weeks Since a Cat Picture Here and That’s Just Wrong

So, here you go. Enjoy.

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  1. I’m under heavy pressure from beloved daughter to adopt a cat…wavering….I’m torn between the terrifying scenarios described in Matthew Inman’s How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You and your halcyon portrayals of cat ownership. Whether the potential new member of our family will be sinister or cuddly, I can tell it will be idiosyncratic.

  2. One of the many things I love about cats is that they’ve all graduates of the Monks of Cool, without even having to study there. And it’s nice to have a Pratchett take on this; on the other hand, I’m not traducing Lop Sided Cat. in any way, when I suggest he would be wise to steer clear of Grebo…

  3. He looks good than me . He knows how to pose in front the camera while I don’t know how all the best I can do is SMILE.

  4. To long, so wrong. Meow.
    Since I seldom see a center strip of grass like that with limestone gravel to both sides I seldom wonder whether an application of iron sulphate or the IIRC cheaper aluminum sulphate* would help the ‘grass’ be less stressed or if the problem the green stuff always has** is with soil compaction.

    *Which does not contain the important nutrient “iron.” – luck fish ***
    **Dandelions look, relative to the ones on the outside, sick.
    ***Science news “has” an article that I can’t (grr) find about how the cooks (always female) would not use cast iron pots because those f’rs are heavy even _before_ you put in some water, but were quite happy to put an iron luck fish into the pot. Everyone who’s cook put that iron fish into the pot was, after IIRC about six months, much healthier. Iron deficiency treated. The luck fish wikipedia article link above needs a rewrite from _me_, the poor thing.

  5. bbz: Two ounces of cat, ten pounds of fur, so yes. >8-0 Dad’s cat, when wetted from a flea bath turned from a huge fluffy to a poor little skeleton.

  6. Often, a cat in the road photo makes the cat look pitiful or in danger. Here… if any vehicle comes up that road, it will be with Cat’s permission, and give Cat plenty of time to stalk out of the way and observe its passing-by (pretty much in the “if your want to see the fascinating witches who put the scintillating stitches in the britches of the boys who carred the boxes of the powder for the faces of the ladies of the Court of King Caracticus” sense.

  7. @potential cat owner: one thing to keep in mind is that cats, especially if it is one that roams outdoors, have a vicious since of humor. They love to leave half of some dead animal in front of the door, just where you’ll step on it when you go out to get the paper in the morning. Sometimes it’s the front half, sometimes the back half. Be sure to wear shoes and don’t wander out barefoot.

  8. Following on from DigitalAtheist; my cat has added spite to her sense of humour. She gives the good bits of her catches (usually the front half of whatever she’s caught) to the dog, who then gets in trouble for bringing them inside, instead of her. Genius, I tell you.

  9. Nice photo, beautiful cat. What camera and lens (sorry can’t help myself)?

  10. @DigitalAtheist,

    Ours has a different way of unnerving us. He always puts away his toys after he’s done playing by dropping them in his kibble bowl.

    So one morning I wake up, a bit groggy, with my contacts not in yet, and I see the cat walk toward his bowl and sit in front of it. So I think he wants to play, and I grab the toy mouse out of his bowl.

    “Wait a minute,” I think, “He usually bites off the tail of his toy mice…”

    And while I am standing there holding a dead real mouse, the cat is sitting there with an attitude of “Don’t I work hard for my food and attention? Well, don’t I?!”

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