The Star Wars Battle Between Good and Evil: The Final Confrontation!

A couple of weeks ago I posted my very first Sundance TV film column, in which put Star Wars characters into brackets (light side of the force vs. dark side) to see who among all the characters would confront each other in the final battle of Star Wars good vs. evil.

Well, the brackets are all tallied up and we are down to our champions — and one of them, at least, is likely to be a complete surprise. Find out who they are and put in your vote for the ultimate victor in the Star Wars universe. Will the dark side prevail? Shall good triumph? It’s up to you! Go vote!

15 Comments on “The Star Wars Battle Between Good and Evil: The Final Confrontation!”

  1. Literally laughed out loud at “Oh, stop whining, Luke.” and “the smuggler shoots first”.

  2. Unless you misquoted the numbers or I misunderstood what you were trying to say, your math for “closest contest” is not showing your writery-jedi skills today.

    1096 to 1043 = 53
    1122 to 1085 = 37

  3. I really am miffed at not having seen this before. (Or, should I say “muffed”)

    However, I have to note Mr. Scalzi that you seem to be having entirely too much fun in your life.

    Keep it up!

  4. How do you vote in the final matchup? I see how to vote on the original tournament, but I can’t find how to vote in this week’s match.

  5. I just clicked on the photo of my choice and voila! my choice was made clear. But then, I have mad Jedi skillz.

  6. Unfortunately I lack them. I clicked on Leia and got a picture of her and Darth Vader, which I suspect will not work!

  7. OK, why in God’s name is Leia blowing Vader out of the water so bad at the time of my voting? Sure, I’ll grant she takes after her mother and I’d bet on Padme over Anakin most days (pregnancy and unexpected shock from horror aside naturally), but last I checked this matchup was done in the first minutes of Episode IV and we saw how it went for her.

  8. As long as they don’t pick a whiny, petulant loser (Hayden Christianson) to play a baddie I don’t care.

  9. That was fun! How about doing a similar thing with the top characters from the AFI list? Atticus Finch vs. Rick Blaine, anyone?

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