Daily Archives: May 22, 2015

Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/22/15

As we go into the weekend, a nice collection of new books and ARCs for you to peruse and to consider for your own collections. What looks interesting to you? You have a whole comment thread in which to opine!

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Updates and Reminders and Cryptic Pronouncements, 5/22/15

A few things I wish to put onto your radar, or put back on, as the case may be: 1. A reminder that next week at this time I will be the author guest of honor at ConCarolinas, in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, along with other very cool people. Come down and say hello to […]

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The Big Idea: Brian Catling

In describing how The Vorrh came out of him, author Brian Catling pretty accurately makes a point about creation that I think many creative people can agree with — before it comes out, there’s so much that has to go on inside. BRIAN CATLING: I have answered more identical questions about The Vorrh than anything else […]

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