Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/22/15

As we go into the weekend, a nice collection of new books and ARCs for you to peruse and to consider for your own collections. What looks interesting to you? You have a whole comment thread in which to opine!

31 Comments on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/22/15”

  1. Squee on the Jim Butcher – he totally unjumped the shark with his last book and I’m looking for more. I wonder what the Kluwe book will be like – he’s smart, but I’m not sure yet how interesting he can be.

  2. Dept. of Ambiguous Titles: I wasn’t certain if Revision was fiction, or non-fiction about writing. From the Amazon synopsis, fiction. (With an interesting premise: Change an entry on a Wikipedia-like site, and it can alter reality to match. Oh dear.)

  3. SpaceGeek, he has been tweeting about that before. After reading “Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies“, this next book should be interesting.

  4. Sadly, I think the Jim Butcher book is a paper acknowledge release of an older title. Sad now.

  5. Is Earth Fight an ARC? it does not match the Pyr editions of the two earlier books. Also it’s not due out until september. Being in the UK, the Harper Voyager edition was out last August so I’ve read it, but I want the hardback.
    This is my favorite YA series, but i wonder if it is what older people like myself think a YA book should be, rather than what young adults wish to read.

  6. Brooks is still writing in his future Pacific Northwest ‘verse? Cool, I like that one.

    Kluwe, on my list.

    And of course you can’t go wrong with Larry Niven.

    Good list, Mr. Scalzi.

  7. 14! When will these Man-Kzin Wars finally end? At what price will the war of attrition finally toll? I am legitimately at awe that Niven continues to collect fine stories in roman numeral volumes. 14, wow.

  8. I just purchased Revision yesterday. Looks really interesting so I’m looking forward to getting into that one.

  9. I guess I’ve been in some deep, dark cave….I didn’t know Niven had written about the Man-Kzin Wars other than in passing in “Ringworld”…..

  10. Earth Flight! I’m so excited for that one, I desperately want to know what happens!

  11. I have the A. Bertram Chandler in an Ace double; I’m not deserting the old book until it dead, but I want it.

  12. Baffled by Proven Guilty – didn’t that come out in hardback a bunch of years ago? I seem to remember my library copy being that way.

  13. Geoff, that’s what Pyr’s ARCs tend to look like — very basic. The artwork for the U.S. edition of EARTH FLIGHT definitely matches the others in the series. The book is incredible, and you’re right that it isn’t exactly typical of most YA, but I think it will appeal to plenty of young readers!

  14. Why do I know the name Chris Kluwe? (It’s ok, I’ll google it in a minute) Also, as an FYI, the Man-Kzin series is not written by Niven himself, other than those first few stories of course. I enjoyed the stories in the IX-XIII releases(Peace Corben rules. That is all.). In my giant stack of books waiting to be read, I have Treasure Planet, a retelling of the classic RL Stevenson romp, Treasure Island, set in the Man-Kzin universe.

    (And all this Niven talk has reminded me of a commenter over on PZ Myers blog(he posted about the Hugo/Puppies about a month ago), who likened the actions of VD to those of the Thrintun. Hee hee!)

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