Updates and Reminders and Cryptic Pronouncements, 5/22/15

A few things I wish to put onto your radar, or put back on, as the case may be:

1. A reminder that next week at this time I will be the author guest of honor at ConCarolinas, in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, along with other very cool people. Come down and say hello to us all! We promise not to bite. You have to pay extra for that. But even without the biting, it will be a ton of fun. Hope to see you there.

2. On the video game front, Midnight Star, the game I worked on, has had a massive update that comes complete with a pretty awesome-looking new icon for the game:

If you’re already playing the game, you knew about this update; if you’re not playing it yet (on iOS; the Android version is still in the works), then this is a very fine time to pick it up. Have fun!

3. Monday will be an interesting day. You’ll know why when it happens. That’s all I’m saying right now.

32 Comments on “Updates and Reminders and Cryptic Pronouncements, 5/22/15”

  1. Are we allowed to guess about the Monday news? If not, please delete with apologies. Otherwise, I’m positing that the “Lock In” pilot got a green light and is moving toward shooting.

  2. I just wanted to guess; I wasn’t expecting an early reveal.

    Of course this new beluga whale info completely changes things, and I’ll have to carefully consider whether I should update my prediction.

  3. Meanwhile, squads of earnest junior canines will view Scalzi’s rejection of caviar as yet another example of his pretending to be hoi polloi in order to sucker fine upstanding Americans into thinking he’s one of them…

  4. Hmm, interesting that something would be announced on a National Holiday…. Isn’t that worse than announcing something on a Saturday?

  5. Do you have a schedule of your guest of honor activities for ConCarolinas that we could peruse? I’m not finding one on their website yet.

  6. Why would you choose a National Holiday for any kind of major announcement? Wouldn’t it be more likely to get traction on Tuesday, while leaving you free to enjoy classical Memorial Day cooking and entertainment free of Blog and media attention? I mean, even authors are entitled to sit by the pool and enjoy the unofficial beginning of summer….

  7. Announcement is a BBC deal, maybe for


    1. Nobody would do a US announcement on Memorial Day, so it’s international.
    2. A couple of weeks ago, JS was asking on Twitter what people thought of the Langham Hotel in London. It’s an excellent hotel, and it’s literally right around the corner from the BBC offices.

  8. Consider that Monday is Towel Day, I’m gonna ask just one question:

    Wasn’t Eoin Colfer’s continuation of HHGG (“And Another Thing…”) enough?

  9. Oh geez, let’s go for something more imaginative. Our Gracious Host earns a spot on the first U.S. Olympic Men’s Synchronized Swimming Team? He signs a multi-million dollar contract with ESPN for world broadcast rights to Squirrel Polo? He reveals that’s he’s secretly been Amanda Palmer all along?

  10. Congratulations on your run for President of the United States of America!

    Too soon?

  11. James Ratcliffe, Monday is a Public* Holiday in England as well

    * We call them Bank Holidays for historical reasons

  12. Way to alienate the beluga whale segment of your fan base. I’m warning you – they’re already miffed you never show up to UnderwaterCon.

  13. If it doesn’t involve a beluga whale, does it involve a bowl of petunias?

  14. Will you announce that the 8th grade student council battle between the SP/RP and SJWs has finally come to an end?

    I don’t read SF but I have never seen such juvenile behavior from a group of adults in my life. Reminds me of faculty battles in college….the battles are so vicious because the stakes are so small.

    Both sides have acted like a bunch of collective assholes…..

  15. johnr219:

    “I have never seen such juvenile behavior from a group of adults in my life.”

    You’ve not been paying attention to Congress, I take it.

    Also, there are not “two sides.” There are the Puppies and the imaginary grouping of enemies they created for their own convenience to justify their own bad action.

    Also, I would be fine with the Puppies not infecting every possible thread, so let’s not continue this particular conversation.

  16. Here are my thoughts on Monday:
    1. A round table discussion between SJW and SP/RP – televised live on the web (it may be inside a giant octagon, but that is just a coincidence). And a person saying “2 sides enter, only 1 side…”
    2. Scalzi announces that he is backing a GOP candidate for president.
    3. He moving from Ohio to either the deep South or AZ/TX area.
    4. Dancing cat video
    5. Scalzi announces that he is running for US congress (or senate), just for fun.

  17. Isn’t it obvious? John Scalzi will pronounce the word “cryptic” on Monday.

  18. So, is the Con Carolinas actually in Charlotte, or Concord? I’d love to come, if it’s actually in Charlotte. Yes, Concord is close, but my car is pushing 200K miles and I don’t take it anywhere I can’t get home from on a bus.

  19. I’m not going to give any hints about Monday other than this: It does NOT involve a beluga whale.

    You’re in soooo much trouble if ISIL launch a radio-controlled orca against Israel on Monday. (reference).

  20. Johns finally coming out of the closet and announcing that he making a tea party challenge against john boehner.

    Either that or one of the TV shows in development is making an announcement.

  21. I can’t help it. “Midnight Star” will always have a very specific, and much less serious meaning for me.

  22. When you say that it does not involve a beluga whale , do you imply that multiple beluga whales might still be involved?

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