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Storytelling in Four Tweets, Featuring Kristine Scalzi

Premise, conflict, resolution, denouement — it’s all here, man! This woman is mega hot. I am totally going to hit on her. pic.twitter.com/sMtnCBf4Ox — John Scalzi (@scalzi) May 29, 2015 HOT WOMAN UPDATE: have given her my best line. She is strangely unconvinced. Tells me she is here with her husband. pic.twitter.com/210pSrpwRj — John Scalzi […]

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Chicagoland Folks: Nebula Weekend Approaches!

Hey, Chicagoland geeks and nerds and others: Next weekend SFWA is having its fabulous Nebula Weekend in your hometown, and the event is going to be packed with awesome people: Grand masters of science fiction, Nebula Award nominees, science fiction and fantasy writers of renown, and even a few special guests, including Nick Offerman, who […]

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The Big Idea: Josh Vogt

In today’s episode of The Big Idea, author Josh Vogt comes clean on his plan to integrate magic into the world in a useful and (usually) unobtrusive way, in his book Enter the Janitor. JOSH VOGT: One issue urban fantasy stories often deal with is: If magic is real in the modern world, how exactly […]

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