Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/29/15

As we head into the weekend, there’s no better way to start the festivities than a nice ol’ stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. There must be something in this stack that intrigues you — if there is, tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Well obviously, I’m going to have to simply ninja my way into your house one night and quietly steal The Devil’s Bag Man. (Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to pet and feed the dog).

    The first book in that series was all kinds of awesome and worth going to jail for breaking and entering.

  2. Samantha Bryant’s “Going Through the Change” is subtitled “A Menopausal Superhero Novel” and you kind of owe it to yourself to at least read the first two chapters. Because, wow. Did not see that coming.

    Looking forward to picking up the Tremblay in audio; am worried that (R)evolution has a *lot* of pre-release hype to live up to but definitely planning to pick it up; and “Press Start to Play” has just a ridiculous table of contents. New Andy Weir and Hugh Howey and Austin Grossman and Marc Laidlaw and Django Wexler and Seanan McGuire and Holly Black and Charlie Jane Anders and Charles Yu, and Chris Kluwe! and (holy hell) Chris Avellone! and Hiroshi Sakurazaka!

  3. I’m on a big superhero kick right now, and I’m very intrigued by the title My Brother is a Superhero.
    It almost sounds like an evolution of the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing/Superfudge books that entertained me as a child.

  4. Nancy Jane Moore’s The Weave. I like her short fiction, so I’m interested to see what she can do at novel length.

  5. I loved THE FOLD by Peter Clines. Great science-fiction thriller, with a likable main character, very accessible.

  6. I have not heard of any of them, but just judging by title, A Head Full of Ghosts sounds interesting.

  7. Doctor Dead is a steampunkish adventure set in 1904 San Francisco. It has a mad scientist, undead minions, fiendish contraptions, and more fun stuff like that.

  8. I got the The Fold by Cline as an ARC ebook and really enjoyed it. It’s a good take on a instantaneous transportation device with a good hook. Hint, it’s not really a transportation/space folding device. Mike, the main protagonist is an interesting character, a high school English teacher with an eidetic memory and an IO that is off the charts. His buddy, Reggie, a DOD official who handles the funding for a project called “The Albuquerque Door” a reference from a famous Bugs Bunny cartoon. The head scientist and his subordinates refuse to tell anyone how the device works but insists that everything is great and there is no danger from using it. Reggie is not convinced and gets Mike to come in and take a look at the project over the summer. Obviously there is something wrong, the book tells a great tale as Mike observes the team, how the device works and discovers that all is not as it seems. One of the better reads that I have had in awhile. I’ve enjoyed Peter Clines take on the Super Hero/Zombie apocalypse mashup series starting with ExHeroes.

  9. I’m reading (R)evolution now. Interesting premise and well written. I hope isn’t too predictable in the end…

    Also,, judging by the other comments, I’ll have to track down The Fold.

  10. Yeah! a new book from Peter Clines! I very much enjoyed his Ex-Heroes series (and hope to see more volumes still – great characters and plots, plus a bit of humor for seasoning).The Fold will definitely be on my list.

    Also, how can one not be intrigued by a pair of main characters named Percy and Quincey? Adding Doctor Dead to the list as well.

    Scalzi it is all your fault I’m so far behind on everything! :-)

  11. What do you do with all the ARCs? I don’t mean whether you read them, but manage them as physical objects?

  12. Peter Clines is great – mystery, suspense, horror, and humor all bundled together. How can you miss?

    I hadn’t heard of “A Head Full of Ghosts,” but now I’m intrigued…

  13. My Brother is a Superhero looks interesting. I wonder what it would be like to be the sibling. Cool idea for a book.

  14. Sigh. Never have understood the big to do over Custer, whose widow basically pushed him as heroic Indian fighter. Lots of other Civil War era military types far more worthy of recognition. Which I guess is part of the point of the Custer in Chains novel…. That he gets himself in ‘way over his head after – in this AU – he survives Littke Big Horn.

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    Alas…so many recommendations and so little free time. I wonder if I could just read for a living..other than the paralegal reading I do now. ;)

  16. Doctor Dead by Tyler Tork was a good read. Clever and fun; kids esp. would enjoy it, however I’m a few instars past that stage and really enjoyed the characters and their banter.

  17. Do you know that these “ARC” posts are a great advertising for fellow writers? I discovered the Malazan series here (and understood the potential thank to the comments of the comments) and I have now bought the fifth book already

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