Hello, I’m Alive, No Really

Just been having a terrific day here at ConCarolinas and in Charlotte, away from the Internets, is all. Yes, that’s right, I have a life outside this blog! Uh, sometimes.

Seriously, though, ConCarolinas has been an absolutely terrific convention, and they treated me wonderfully. I can’t begin to tell you what a lovely time I’ve had here. Thanks to them for having me and for everyone at the convention for making me and Krissy (who came with me) feel so very welcome.

I’ll be traveling tomorrow to go home so updates here will be in the afternoon if at all. See you then (maybe).


3 Comments on “Hello, I’m Alive, No Really”

  1. Thanks again for being our guest! It was our delight and privilege to have you, and we all hope you might be able to visit again sometime!

  2. I quite enjoyed seeing you there. Your panels were quite entertaining and thought-provoking, especially “What’s an award worth?” As noted in your earlier Q&A, “No controversy there at all, nope.” It really did give me a perspective on some of the people caught up in the ongoing maelstrom.

    Will there be pictures coming? Did you get your face cupped by Doug Jones, like Michael Hogan and Joel Hodgson?