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Lock In a Finalist for the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

This makes it a nice Monday, for sure. Even better, it’s with an amazing peer group of novels and writers. The entire category: The Peripheral, William Gibson (Putnam; Viking UK) Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie (Orbit US; Orbit UK) The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu (Tor) Lock In, John Scalzi (Tor; Gollancz) Annihilation/Authority/Acceptance, Jeff VanderMeer (FSG Originals; […]

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My New Film Column Debuts on Sundance.TV! This Week: Star Wars Showdown

Here’s a little something I’ve been keeping a lid on until this very moment: I’m back in the film commentary business. The folks at Sundance asked me to write an occasional column on film (every couple of weeks or so), and I said, “heck, yeah,” because, well. I started writing professionally as a film critic, […]

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I’d Rather Like Men Than To Be a Sad Puppy

And to be clear, it wouldn’t be anything close to a difficult choice. Hur hur, homophobia's a gas when you're a Sad Puppy! — John Scalzi (@scalzi) May 4, 2015 Again: I'm mostly sad for the Sad Puppies. So much insecurity and envy and anger and need. For their own sakes, I wish they […]

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The Legion of Scalzi Smartphones

I upgraded my cell phone yesterday; as with the previous times that I upgraded, the former phone was left in my custody. So here is the entire history of my smartphone usage, going back to the Blackberry Storm, which I acquired in late 2008, followed by the Droid X, the Nexus 4 (which died an […]

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Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/1/15

Welcome to May, one of my favorite months. To usher it in, please enjoy this stack of new books and ARCs. See something here you’d consider adding to your own shelves? Tell us about it in the comments.

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The Myth of SF/F Publishing House Exceptionalism

(This is not specifically Hugo neepery, but it is related, so again, ignore if the subject bores you.) Recently author John Ringo (in a Facebook post previously available to the public but since made private) asserted that every science fiction house has seen a continuous drop in sales since the 1970s — with the exception of […]

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