New Books and ARCs, 6/3/15

Today’s stack of new books and ARCs is very fine indeed. See anything in it that is calling to you? Share that siren song in the comments!

22 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/3/15”

  1. I’ve got Sorceror to The Crown winging its way to me as we speak. I love Zen Cho’s short fiction.

  2. I don’t know what Gamelife is, but the title makes me want to read it anyway.

  3. Your images of new books for New Books and Arcs always seems to reflect that, while they may be new, they already have been heavily perused. Is that actually the case? I note that in the latest image, multiple copies bear the “Not for Sale” notification that would suggest they were sent to you pre-publication by the publisher (I assume for obtaining comments/reviews that might be displayed on the jackets). Do you really have the time to read 12 books like these a month, write your own works, travel, and also entertain yourself and your family? Because if so, your time management and multi-tasking is way better than mine (sincerely).

  4. They send the books to him in the hopes that he’ll do exactly what he’s doing: showing them off on the blog. They’re probably a little EXTRA hopeful that he might spontaneously write a review or something, but that happens very rarely indeed, There’s no question that when John shows the weekly or so pile of books on Whatever and his Twitter feed, it’s good advertising, though. And cheap, at the price of a book and some postage.

    I’m sure his local public library is thrilled, as well, as they tend to get the books donated to them (though not the ARCs. I don’t know what he does with them.) Oh, to be in Bradford when the Friends of the Library sale comes around again….

  5. Libba Bray and Jim Hines are always good to see in a stack of books.

    But the standout is the new McCammon. Whoo, that guy can write! (My favorite of his, though, is BLUE WORLD, a collection of shorter fiction. “Night Calls The Green Falcon” is a rip-snorting barnstormer of a story, and a homage to the old cliffhanger movie serials; back when I was trying to sell movie scripts, I kept a wishlist of other people’s work that I would have liked to try and adapt for the screen, if I ever got into a position to do so. [Spoiler: I never did.] “Green Falcon” was one of the works on that list.)

  6. Gamelife – now on the “to read” list – thanks.

    Amazon blurb reminds me of summer days in the school library (dad was a librarian) playing Empire Classic (I think – had to look it up). If only it had been Zork.

    Sorcerer to the Crown is also intriguing.

    Definitely not The Border – couldn’t stomach the writing style of Swan Song.

  7. I read Sorcerer to the Crown in manuscript a few months back It is excellent, though QUITE unlike her short fiction, which I adore.

  8. Sorcerer to the Crown! I’m green with envy. I have the book preordered, but that still means I won’t get to read it for three more months.

  9. Tin Men by Christopher Golden. I’ve been a fan of his since Of Saints And Shadows.

  10. Hines, Yaaay! And the 2nd Tearling book, definitely. I didn’t love the first one but I do want to know what happens next.

    The Household Spirit sounds quirky and interesting!

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