A Video Interview of Me, From Amazon, About “The End of All Things”

Here you go. No real spoilers or anything. This was recorded at BEA last week. Enjoy!

8 Comments on “A Video Interview of Me, From Amazon, About “The End of All Things””

  1. A very succinct interview! It seems like only last month you were teasing us about finishing ‘End Of All Things’. In fact, I think it WAS last month. So much for publishing’s legendary sloth…

  2. I’m as excited about ‘The End Of All Things’ as i was when i found out a ‘Lock In’ sequel was in the works as part of your new deal. You can’t write them fast enough for me.

  3. John, seriously. Are you trying to be the stereotypical old male? I’m a bit ahead of you in age, but also holding on to my organic head covering. o-O You should ask for a refund on the male pattern baldness section of your DNA.

  4. Idle curiosity – why does the photograph at the head of your new blog layout focus exclusively on the view up your nostrils? (Nostrisl is a much better word, btw, but it’s not in general use.) Do they have some central importance to your body image?

    Just asking – Will

  5. Very excited about “The End of all things!”
    I loved the human division – got it on a weekly basis all 13 chapters, but there is no way for me to now exchange that for the complete book now that it’s out.

    I wonder if you / tor / amazon could provide any way to mitigate that for the end of all things

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