Picture Happy Puppies: A Fundraising Thread

I’m traveling today, but I have the urge to something that’s silly, fun and yet kind of useful. So here’s my plan:

Have a pup? Put a picture of it looking happy in the comment thread accompanying this entry (which is to say, put in a link to a .jpg; the comment thread should embed it automatically — direct links to the .jpg are best for this; links to pages on Instagram/Flickr/etc will just show up as the link). For every picture of a happy pup put in the comment thread before 11:59pm Eastern time June 7, I will donate a dollar to Con or Bust, up to $1,000. Con or Bust is a non-profit organization “whose mission is to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction,” which is a goal I am happy to support.


1. One entry per person. You can have multiple pups in your picture, or post more than one picture in your comment, but each counts as a single donation from me. Please don’t post more than once in the thread.

2. The pictured happy pup must be yours or your family’s. No fair looking on Google Image Search for happy puppies. “Family” in this case means immediate family, serious partners, or friends to whom you’d seriously consider donating a kidney.

3. Pups only. We can do other animals for other fundraisers another time. Also, comments that are anything other than a picture of a pup (including questions, commentary or criticism) will be excised out of the thread. All happy puppies! All the time!

4. Tell us a little about the happy pup. Because context is fun. This one is not required, but on the other hand I don’t think it’ll be a problem to get you to talk about your pup, now, will it.

5. Your picture will likely be held in moderation until I clear it. Don’t panic. This is to keep trolling of the thread to a minimum, and to keep inappropriate pictures off the thread. Pictures I deem inappropriate will be deleted (either in moderation or off the thread if they somehow got on) and will not count toward the donation tally. As I am traveling the next few days, there might be some delays in the picture going up. Please be patient!

Got it? Then spend my money! Let’s see those happy puppies!

318 thoughts on “Picture Happy Puppies: A Fundraising Thread

  1. Folks:

    It’s best if you link directly to the picture, NOT to the page on Instagram/Flickr/etc that you are housing the picture on. In the latter case the picture won’t show up; it’ll just look like a link. Unless that’s what you want, in which case, go ahead, I guess.

    Also, remember to actually include the link to the picture! If you forget and post without the picture, I’ll delete the post and you can try again. If you post the picture but the URL doesn’t work, I’ll still give you credit.

  2. This is Hope, happy to have me back after a weekend at a conference. (The look on her face is “You will never leave again, human.”)

  3. This is my puppy Gus, taking a happy nap.

    Gus is a Cockapoo who’s graduated from his car position in this picture to riding (harnessed) in the middle of the back bench where he can babysit the kids on car trips. He would love long walks on the beach, but the beach we visit doesn’t allow pets — so instead he loves hanging out on the balcony watching the beach, padding in and out as he pleases. It’s still a pretty good deal from his perspective.

  4. Yeti (L) and Woutje (R) are Dutch-Polish pups. Yeti has the happiest disposition, Woutje is a bit of a grump.

  5. Our half dachsund, half jack russell puppy when called “Tipsy”. My wife tells people that is due to the white tip of her tail, I tell people that it is because she kept falling over on the laminate flooring when she was very little.

  6. Holly is a happy puppy who prefers snow to hot summer weather! She still likes outside in the summer, but overheats very quickly. And then she will purposely slop water all over the floor so she can lay in it once she’s inside. I mean, I get it, but I could do without the mess!

    At least my puppy is happy about snow, I suppose A photo posted by Megan (@themjrawr) on Jan 25, 2015 at 8:54am PST

    Her older sister Sandy likes to chill on her back

    Sandy just chilling on her back right now, cause why not? A photo posted by Megan (@themjrawr) on Jan 31, 2015 at 8:15pm PST

  7. I came up from the basement the other day and Scarlet was sitting there in this weird pose that she has, looking like a grumpy little old man. She was a scary angry rescue when we got her, and she’s gone completely soft after a few years living with us.

  8. “Dad! We’re so glad you’re home”.

    I work nights. This is my greeting every morning when I get home work. 3 rescues, and 1 foster (we volunteer for North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue).

  9. This is Lucy, a nearly six-year-old Shiba Inu. She lives in Washington state, but this is a pic from when she stayed with me (for several months) in NYC. One of her favorite foods is almonds.

  10. This is Billy, happy because he’s being a stinker; also because he’s already eaten breakfast and can now settle in for a full day’s napping, while his slaves go out and earn money for his kibble. :-)

    He’s also happy because he was a senior rescue dog–we adopted him when he was 12 years old. So he’s one of the lucky ones–but, of course, so are we. In case you can’t tell, we love him to pieces.

  11. This is Addy (short for Admiral Sandecker)! He’s a Scorpio and enjoys long walks in the woods (if you carry him on the way back), marrow bones, and sleeping on your head. You should see him when his hair’s all grown out—he looks like a dust mop.

  12. Here are Mara and Jade after a walk. Mara loves walks. Jade, a recent rescue, is still getting used to being on a leash.

  13. Okay, here is the pup publicly known by the alias of Mr Wicked, very happy indeed when he remembers his youthful indiscretions, such as eating five red tulips. (You can see #6 in the photo.) That was his first spring and he found the outside world amazing and wonderful. Still does, though he thought six feet of snow in the yard about five feet too many this winter. (Much more came after this photo was taken.) (Hope this embedding thing works!) file:///C:/Users/kvj/Desktop/HappyWickedKVJohansen.jpg

  14. This is Topher! In a bow tie! (Bow ties are cool.) He is named after Topher Brink, from Dollhouse, because he is a goofy super genius. Mostly the goofy part.

    We adopted Topher from a shelter when he was 10 months old, just a few days before “his time was up” so to speak. Unfortunately shortly after his adoption, we were attacked by two strays on a walk, and Topher was blinded in his right eye. He gets along just fine though! I also run an editorial site all about dog ownership, so Topher has a great time being a chew toy tester, and it’s where we chronicle our journey towards rehabilitating his reactivity issues since the dog attack.

  15. My Patterdale terrier, Jack, taken in January when he was 14 months old. This was our only snowfall of the winter and his first real encounter with the strange white stuff.

  16. Kira is our 2-3 year old rescued Bluetick Coonhound. She enjoys ham and being on top of as many of her humans as possible, and is the very soul of class and decorum.

  17. The dog on the left is Pepper. I rescued her paragliding in eastern Washington. She hiked out with me in 100º weather. She is a noodle. The dog on the right is gone now, Gigi was my best friend. This picture was taken in a meadow near Steven’s pass after the three of us ran section of the PCT. Both of my girls were about as happy as a dog can be.

  18. This is Luke mocking all of my dog training abilities by sitting on the couch when he’s not supposed to.

  19. Here are our pups!

    On the left is Jinx, the old lady of the family. On the right is the baby, Leonidas (who also answers to Leo, Bubba, Hey Stop That, Don’t Eat Those, and Put That Down). He’s not usually as cranky as he looks here – I was holding his favorite toy ransom until I could get one good picture, good grief.

  20. Henry (background) and Oscar (foreground) enjoying the beach a few years ago – both Lhasa Apsos, Henry is stately and regal, Oscar is an absolute loon who still thinks he’s a puppy :)

  21. This is Rose. She is almost 13. She’s happy because she’s about to have a crepe with cheese in it.

  22. This is my little butt of a dog, Sterling, after he’d found some chicken breasts our neighbor dropped on the sidewalk and just…left there. Someone was VERY pleased with himself.

    And bonus pic, he doesn’t have much hair on his underside but this particular bald patch looks like a heart and it’s just the cutest. Less of a happy pup and more of a pup confused by belly rubs had been stopped for picture time.

  23. Here’s Oliver and Chaz (the one with his tongue hanging out) just after a nice fresh haircut (which they do not like).

    They are brothers from the same litter. We’ve had Oliver for 6 years, and Chaz for 2, through a circuitous route, that involves house fires, abuse, and some PTSD for the poor boy. They pretty much rule the roost.

  24. This is Coya. She’s a keeshond rescue from a backyard breeder; I can’t imagine that anyone would let this charming, goofy, loving dog live outside in an unshaded concrete pad with no human interaction, but there you go. She’s a good reminder to NEVER list your dog on Craigs List (though obviously this one turned out ok). For more information on her breed and rescue efforts, search #freethekees)

  25. Rosie was 14 1/2. She recently died, but she’s still with me in spirit. I think that she should definitely count. There was no dog quite like Rosie! Complete mutt, mislabled as a “pit bull mix), turned out to be a mix of Shar-pei and French Bull Dog (among other things). 311539_465891136769119_1601448874_n.jpg

  26. This is Rooney. He ran away from home on the Fourth of July, and my family took in him as a temporary foster dog. We figured, this awesome dude would be back home in no time. Unfortunately, even though we searched all over the place, we never found his first family. So he’s spending this Fourth of July, and all the rest of his Independence Days with us. :)

  27. Previous post didn’t work! Try this! Rosie was 14 1/2. She recently died, but she’s still with me in spirit. I think that she should definitely count. There was no dog quite like Rosie! Complete mutt, mislabled as a “pit bull mix), turned out to be a mix of Shar-pei and French Bull Dog (among other things). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdgz_nsGY24

  28. Here we see Inky (L) and Smudge, sisters we rescued at approximately 10 weeks after their feral dam was coaxed to litter in a kind person’s garage rather than the desert. In this pic, they are about 14 months; they are about 20 months now. Great dogs, very full of joy and love.

  29. Meet Pickle, my 4 pound chihuahua. He loves cuddling in bed in the warm covers. This is him in his ultimate happy place, snuggling with me on a sick day. content://media/external/file/77323

  30. My dog Tessa before and after being shorn for the summer. She’s not quite sure what to make of the new look. When we’re out walking, she normally wants to say hello to everyone within sight and tries to drag me up to them. But after getting the hair cut, she actually hid from a few of the neighbors.

  31. This is our Tessa, enjoying her first puppy sundae at the local ice cream stand. This was the second happiest day of her life – the first was when Puppa came home from Afghanistan, but I don’t have any still photos of that, only video..

    Thanks for doing this. Pretty d’n awesome.

  32. My dog Kona loves to go camping. Whenever we get out our big camping cooler she knows what time it is and need to make sure that we bring her along. Plus the cooler probably smells like bacon too.

  33. This is Bonnie, one of my parents’ two dogs. She and her sister Callie are failed sheepdogs, they were retired from sheepdog duties at a young age due to being afraid of sheep (and cows, and horses, and most other animals… Callie once lost a staring contest with a day-old lamb!). This is Bonnie after a couple of years of enough food and enough love and no sheep, she’s learned that she’s beautiful and isn’t afraid to use it to get the attention she feels she deserves!

  34. Clancy and his sister Slag (about 5 months old) running through the grass at Point Isabel. Nothing like having the largest off-leash dog park in the country 10 min from the house!


  35. This is Boris, going for his first walk on the hiking trail we call Hobbit Land around here. Outside of where’s-my-food face, this is pretty much his permanent expression. (He did get a haircut recently, so he looks less like a crazed muppet and more like a real dog.) Boris is an 11-month OES who still believes he’s about 40 lbs and can fit in a human lap.

  36. Sparrow – half black Lab, half Wirehair Pointing Griffin (hence the sideburns). Originally described as “a roguish one-eyed pirate dog” (evidently he found out what happened when you chase a car and catch it) when we adopted him.

    Skilo – Jack Russell Terrorist on the watch list for squirrel chasing and weaponized solicitation of belly rubs.

  37. This is Meatball. He’s a beagle. We got him from the Animal Welfare Society of Howard County. This is him in his first snow, wearing the sweater my wife made for him.

    “Meatball” was actually the name he had at the shelter, and we figured it was such a good dog name that we’d keep it. His sister’s name was Spaghetti.


  38. This is Rebus, our 7 month old lab/ shepherd mix, on his first walk in the park after weeks and weeks of rain. He was so excited he got the leash wrapped all around himself. He’s a good dog–he lets our 2 year old use him as a jungle gym.

  39. This is the adorkable Willow in her preferred bone chewing position. (And yes, she’s only got three feet, in case anyone’s counting!)

  40. Here’s Bofur the Cardigan Corgi looking out the dining room window at our neighbor’s chickens, who were over for a visit. Stalking chickens from the windows is very happy work.

    And here he is trying to convince me to share my smoothie. There’s another picture of him taken just after this pouting because I wouldn’t give him any. Silly puppy dog. :)

  41. Here are Corsair (foreground) and Romana (background)! (Yes, named after Doctor Who characters :)). They are catahoula leopard dogs…partly…we rescued them so we only know that their mom is a catahoula.

    When I took this picture they were sooooo happy to have both of their humans home and on the furniture with them. (Corsair insisted on jumping up into the chair with me, promptly taking up all the room)

  42. This is Wrenn’s and my dog Scooter, out standing in his field back in the summer of 2009. He was only nine years old at the time. He’s still pootling along at 15 — there’s a lot more white in his fur now, and he no longer goes galumphing in the grass as he’d just finished doing when I took this picture in what was then Wrenn’s back yard in Delaware (she moved up to live with me in NYC in 2010).

    Anyhow: pooch!

  43. a href=”http://smg.photobucket.com/user/shipperx/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-10/57438735-26B3-415A-A4B6-8448D5862862_zpsod4oyfcq.jpg.html”

  44. Here is Quinn. He’s an 11 year old Siberean Husky whose hobbies include going on walks, begging for human food, and begging for doggy treats. He was gracious enough to allow me to interrup his late morning nap to take this picture.

  45. This Paula our first greyhound (now resting at the Rainbow Bridge). She smiled in her sleep and got us hooked on greyhounds. We’re on our 4th family member now and have been a foster home for Make Peace with Animals greyhound rescue (where we got Paula) for over 15 years now.

  46. I don’t think the coding worked.

    My three year old Havanese fur baby, dressed with an Bama kerchief on game day.


  47. This is “Wizard”. He is 8 years and 6 months old and in this photo had just recently had a kidney removed due to soft tissue osteosarcoma. Despite that he is happy that Spring has finally come to Minnesota.

  48. This is our long-haired north Georgia random dog, Greyson. (Born under a truck in Catoosa County, in a tractor trailer lot.) We adopted him from the Pet Placement Center when he was 5 months old. Now he’s three years old, and the goodwill ambassador for the whole neighborhood…

  49. This is Mercy, celebrating her one-year-old birthday! She was named after Patricia Brigg’s character.

  50. This is Trance Gemini. Yes, you heard me. My girlfriend named her after the character in Andromeda. Her poses range from postively regal to downright awkward. She is never more content than when propped up on a pillow.

    She’s a Border Terrier for the record, and just under a year old when this was taken.

  51. This is Lovely Rita (2 y/o Doberman/Pitbull mix) and her brother Bisco (8 y/o Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix). They are clearly begging for food here. Rita was named after The Beatles and Bisco was named after The Disco Biscuits. We constantly give them matching nicknames, but my favorite is PitFace Killa and Old Dirty Bisco. Because WuTang for life.

  52. This is Cassie. She first came around to our house as a starving stray who was being chased away from the food my husband tried to leave out for her. When we took her in and brought her to the vet, she weighed 27 pounds, was suffering from heartworm and a skin infection and many other smaller conditions and was too weak to undergo treatment. The vet told us to get her up to 35 pounds if we could but to know that even then, she might not be strong enough to survive treatment.

    18 months later, she is over 50 pounds and the happiest, most loving baby girl in the world. She doesn’t have all her teeth and she doesn’t have the stamina for long runs or lots of excitement, but she’s never met a person whose nose she didn’t want to lick, and she protects me fiercely from loud noises, small bugs and the UPS man’s truck. (Until I open the door, and then she licks his nose, too.)

    She’s a good puppy. :)

  53. This is Sarah, our Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix (vet’s best guess). She’s a shelter adoptee. She’s 12 now, a good bit older than in the photo, but her sense of humor and her affection for everything that moves (people, dogs, cats, deer, whatever) have not changed.

  54. dixie

    This is my parents’ dog Dixie – she is an avid roadster.

    She is also our first pet not named after a literary character (Figaro, Toto, Pippin, and Bilbo), which I blame on me moving out. I live out of state, but every time I come home Dixie freaks out. I lay down on the ground and she rolls around on my face like she’s trying to nurse me. She’s a very happy pup.

  55. Trygvi is upside-down in a pillow fort he built himself. This is boxer heaven! Especially if you realize that he was a stray living on the street, and was 30 pounds lighter when they picked him up than he is now. He has entered the miraculous land of regular meals, couches, and pettings.

    Also pillow forts!

  56. Buckshot Jones (“Joe”), Anatolian Shepherd Dog. One second he was standing by the fence, the next he was on his way to me to help me work the camera.

  57. This is Lambeau, my pit mix. He’s always happy- unless I leave the house and don’t take him. Then, he cries and pouts until I come back, or so my husband says.

  58. My sister likes to take pictures of her dogs, Milo and Bandit, in holiday/seasonal attire. They are willing to work for treats.

    They are a couple of rescue Jack Russells, with enough energy between them to launch the space shuttle.

    C:\Users\pcadams.WIN\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\O859GQWF\2014-12-31_13.21.39 (4).jpeg

  59. Hopefully the image works, I’m getting error messages from imgur but hopefully it’s just my phone.

    This is George and Maggie! I lived with them for a year (so I still sort of think of them as mine), and their family/my friends are definitely people I would donate kidneys to. The puppy rescue told my friends that George was a husky mix. This is incorrect as he’s roughly twice the size of a husky. (Malamute, maybe? Bloodhound?) He is the best dog.

    Maggie is a boxer mix. She REALLY REALLY LOVES YOU. And wants you to love her. She really wants to make you happy. But her listening comprehension is a little uneven. But she’s really really trying. Really.

  60. Meet Willis (what ‘chu talkin’ ’bout Willis?), full name Lil’ Bruce Willis (Action Hero).

  61. This is Walt. His tongue is larger than most ladles.

    Jumping up on the deck after a fetch. He is always ready to play.

  62. This is Marzipan (named after the Homestar Runner character, not the candy.) She doesn’t seem to mind wearing jaunty novelty hats long enough for me to take a photo. I like to think that she’s smiling in this picture, but she’s probably just squinting because of the blinding sun.

  63. These are my pups when they decide I must stop writing to play with them. Gambit, the brindle bull-boxer-rotty, came to us as a rescue pup who didn’t even wag his tail for the first months of his recovery. Ty, the yellow lab, was our faithful companion for nearly 14 years before we said farewell to his this February.

  64. This is a picture of my first dog. She was happy almost every day of her life: Guy Fawkes Day being a notable exception. (Those damn fireworks! Why did it have to be a gunpowder plot?) Then in her old age she went deaf and Guy Fawkes didn’t bother her any more.

    When she stopped being happy, I knew it was time to let her go. That was over two years ago, and I miss her still. But when she shows up in my dreams, she is still young, and always happy.

  65. This is Hilla. She’s my mother-in-law’s and brother-in-law’s dog, and as you can see, she’s oh so deliriously happy. It is impossible to take a still picture of her, BECAUSE SHE IS OH SO HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY on being a dog. Her tail can be used for dusting carpets by simply holding them up and close to waggling action. Hilla is a Dogpourri.

  66. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/BYoLXOe67tey_ODd8EBAvy8JC6bFaHTt1QUTNFkQPcU?feat=email

    The husky mix is Pippin, who is mine. The tri-color beagle-blur is Tommy, who is my husband’s unofficial therapy dog. The red and white beagle is Gimli, who is everybody’s friend, but I suspect would be mine if Pippin hadn’t already claimed me. I have yet to get a good picture of all three at once (adopted Tommy a couple months ago, and Gimli about a month ago).

  67. Simon_IMG_0064_r1

    This is my dog Simon. The grass was mowed the day before. Everything was wet when he went out, and he came in looking like this. There was nothing I could do but let him in as I had to go to work. When I came home, everything was covered in grass.

  68. Achilles has to wear a cone because he has severe skin allergies but that doesn’t stop him from being the world’s happiest dog! (I can’t figure out how to link directly to the pic from my iPad, so I hope this works!)

  69. Maiya, four months old, taking her Corgie buddies for a ride.

    Corgies are Miles, after Miles V (short guy, big head, thinks he’s a big dog) and Bertie after Bertie Wooster (happy guy, not too bright)

  70. This is Rally:

    We picked her up at the SPCA, who thought she was a Rottweiler/Malamute mix. They’re likely wrong since she’s not a small tank. We’d decided she’s primarily an Australian Kelpie due to her coloring, intelligence, high energy, and slight herding instincts. She’s also an aggressive chewer, having entirely eaten a beef knuckle bone chew and turned a few very hard plastic chews into shivs.
    This is her relaxing:

    And our only successful attempt to capture her mad dashing/chasing around the yard ability:

    She was our dog for several years, but she moved in with my mother-in-law a couple years back, as she couldn’t stop nosing/licking our new son, but also didn’t like being chased by him. Since neither of them had good command of English and MIL had recently lost both her dogs, we thought the move was for the best. Still miss her, but she does come to visit.

  71. This is Mollie. Border collie cross, from Ireland. Somewhere between 11 and 14 years old. Mad as a brush, neurotic, paranoid and epileptic to go with it…

  72. This is Izzy. We think she is a Tibetan Spaniel. She belonged to an older couple. One died, the other was going into a nursing home. She was passed around to different people over a week and nobody, friend or family, wanted her. She was just 18 months old, full of spunk & loved to play. She was given to us. Her first 3 days were tough on everybody – us, her (she was very depressed), and our two cats. After 3 days, she realized she had a permanent home with people who liked to play with her and cats who would tolerate her. She became a completely different dog. She is pictured with her favorite ball which she will throw over her back if you don’t throw it for her. She brings it, growls, doesn’t let it go, and finally lets go so you can throw for her. She is a good napping, reading, and television buddy, too.

    We are absolutely certain she would have been euthanized had she gone to a shelter. She was a very unhappy girl when we got her, and always growls during play time. Now, she is the life of the party & goes to work every day at a local theater.

  73. This is Glitch. He’s a 3ish year old rescue mutt. He’s about 40 pounds, but he likes to curl up small and burrow under things (like the couch cushions.)

  74. https://goo.gl/photos/xqa6pTw6d3cWnJUTA

    This is my PW Corgy. His name is Gaussie ( like mousey, but with a G). He’s named after a famous mathematician / geologist / computer scientist / what-have-you. Gaussie is 8 years old and likes to sleep, eat and cuddle. We were playing Ticket to Ride Teams Asia, so he found a comfy perch to enjoy the games, too.

    (This was around Halloween so the decorations are Cubies of peanuts characters in a setting with a pumpkin patch and graveyard. Calvin and Hobbes just kind of showed up. They’re mischievous.)

    Here’s one of him being interrupted at his favorite thing:


  75. Here’s our dog contemplating world domination, which certainly makes _her_ happy:

    (Okay, she’s looking at Chad’s vacuum chamber, as a promo shot for one of his physics books premised on imaginary conversations with her. Details, details.)

  76. Picket is 10 lbs of really odd hair, wrapped around what may be a terrier/poodle mix – my brother calls her ‘Chemo’. She can wear a Mohawk from her nose to her tail. I adopted her from an Animal hoarder, and all she really wants in life is to be next to me with her head under a blanket. This photo was taken while on my BIL’s boat – we weren’t underway and she did not yet have her life jacket on so don’t fret about the seemingly precarious position!


  77. On the left, Bear, a visiting adolescent boxer who ganglies all over the place. On the right, Adverb, a small adorable dog I got from a shelter, who is usually a nervous little thing (seriously, it took me ages to find a picture where he doesn’t look worried), but absolutely adores other dogs. Lately he’s taken to bolting next door any time the front door opens, in hopes of being allowed in to play with his Friend Dog over there.

  78. This is Finegan. As is obvious, he is a very intellectual character and is engaged in serious meditation.

  79. This is Jack, my mom’s miniature poodle/official lap warmer, in one of his rare still(ish) moments. All your laps are belong to him.

    Fun fact: at doggie daycare they have to put him in with the big dogs because he never got used to playing with little dogs so he sort of body checks other little dogs and knocks them over. (Mom’s neighbors have a pit bull and a black lab, respectively, and they have been his buddies since he was potato-sized)

  80. This is Pele. He’s a very happy dog. Sometimes he pretends he is not happy and that he has never been fed, ever, especially not any of the cheese that is currently in my hand, but he is a liar. A happy liar.

  81. This is Ripley. My sister found him on the national great Pyrenees rescue site and we all fell in love. When we got him he didn’t like men, but when I brought my boyfriend home for the first time, he and my boyfriend played an epic game of tag/fetch. He also likes long walks through creeks and marshes, chasing squirrels and eating donuts.

  82. content://media/external/file/24355

    Ginny Marie 5 year old German Shepherd. Super fun loving pup that will wear anything for a treat.

  83. This is our dog Enzo, aka Pirate Dog. My wife adopted him when she was living in DC, before we met. He was diagnosed with primary glaucoma last year and quickly lost his left eye, but his right eye is hangin’ in there! He enjoys sleeping and stealing your socks.

  84. My darling Hounds! The redhead is Zoe, a 3 year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. We rescued her at the age of 6 months, just hours before she was to be taken to a high kill shelter in Findlay, OH. Her favorite things are sitting in laps, snuggling, kissing all the people, eating cheese, and bossing her big brother around. When she runs, her ass waggles back and forth like a supermodel on the runway. She is very bossy, and vocally reminds us when it’s nap time and bed time.

    The big galoot behind her is Rocky. He is a 4 year-old Boxer/GSD/Husky mix who loves nothing better than to run all day long. We adopted him from the Humane Society at the age of 8 weeks. He was so tiny, we had to carry him out to have a pee. Now, we can hook him up to a sled in the winter and go for a ride! He has a very sonorous WOOF that occasionally scares people, but the bark is deceptive. He is actually very gentle and a little timid. Once he decides you’re OK, he comes out from behind his chair to give kisses and mooch for treats. He spends a lot of time pouting because his Boy isn’t home.

    Here he is with his Boy, my 19 year-old son, Ernie. We sent this collage to the Humane Society to show them his transition from wee babby doggie to Moose hybrid:

    …and here is Zoe engaging in her tree eating hobby:

    Thanks, John, for letting us show off our puppies!

  85. This is Jasper, our border collie. He likes 8 1/2 people in the entire world; the rest of you are probably trying to steal his food. He will chase sticks, tennis balls, bumpers, and especially frisbees long past human tolerance.

  86. This is Hodor. She’s a German shorthaired pointer & pug mix, about 13 weeks old. We got her from a rescue group that took in her mom shortly before she had a litter. Hodor is always this adorable, and far too smart for her own good. http://i.imgur.com/3hdG9s5.jpg

  87. This is our dog Jemaine. After twenty years of pound dogs and rescues, we broke down and got a Golden Retriever. He turns out to be a Retriever in name only. He didn’t get the retrieving gene. Jemaine loves water. The first photo is from last August during his first-ever trip to the ocean when he was almost two years old. His favorite thing to do that day at the beach was to steal other dogs’ chuck-it balls and play keep-away. It was funny, but embarrassing at the same time. The other two photos are why we call him our Golden Recliner.

  88. Look at this ridiculous fluff face. This was my dog growing up, Beauregard (Beau for short). He was a standard poodle and he was ridiculous. Fortunately, he and his littermates did not have their tails cropped, so his tail was also ridiculous. Whenever he would walk behind the couch or similar furniture, all you would see was a gigantic puff wagging back and forth, ridiculously.

  89. Xita vom Ludwigseck, KK1a, SchH1, PsychSD, enormous dork. Likes getting hugs, having her butt scratched, helping out with goat chores, and poking cats with her nose. Dislikes smoking (I’ve nearly quit since she came to live with me), other dogs touching her things, and playing fetch (“if you wanted it, why did you throw it?” She asks).

  90. Here’s Milo in April, roughly 3 and a half months old. We adopted him in March from a local shelter, where they said his mom was probably a corgi/lab mix – but she didn’t have his stumpy legs! In this pic he had spent the afternoon learning how to dig holes from an older dog, and finally collapsed into the dead sleep known to toddlers and puppies :) Since that day he’s developed a real love for excavating mulch, so he gets frequent baths.

    His oddest personality quirk atm is a real love of cleaning my husband’s beard, especially post-shower. He’ll sit there and lick *forever*.

  91. Not the best photo of my little girl, but one of my favorites — kind of captures her essence: powerful, silly, full of joy. This is some years ago, she is a dignified old lady of 15+ now and only occasionally goes nuts when the hose comes out.

  92. if i got the html correct, this should be a picture of my, alas, no longer with us dog, hannah. but there was no one happier than hannah when she was chasing a squirrel. one time she caught one to the surprise of both of them, and then she tried to teach it to play tag, but it wasn’t having any.

  93. Gentleman Herbie, top dog, kind of aloof but secret cuddlebug. Dandy. Pigeon hunter.

    My sweet Gertie, chronically happy, a talented nurse, crazy smart, speaks fluent chicken.

    Fudgie the athlete, fastest 6 pounder around. Forever playful. Has never tired of catch. Enthusiastic kisser.

    Bronx. Trouble with a captial T. Escape artist. Howler. Herbie’s biggest fan.

  94. This is Chuckanut, named after a stunning mountain range here in Washington state. She was the runt of a litter of pups that my friend’s mom raised. I have grand plans for hiking and camping with this one, she has to live up to her namesake after all. Also, those ears!

  95. pup_pic2
    This is Bruce, a beagle/lab mix that I adopted a little over a year ago. He likes to nap on the sofa with me while I’m reading. I don’t think it’s possible for a sentient being to be more content than he is in this photo. (My own contentment was diminished somewhat because I was wishing I’d moved the beer closer to me before Bruce fell asleep.)

  96. This is Murchie, my ten-year-old teacup poodle. He loves sunbathing, long naps, and any day that ends without a walk. Basically, he’s the laziest little dog you ever did meet.

    (Apologies if this goes through far too many times. My computer is grumpy today.)

  97. This is Charlie. ~6 year old rescue Pekingese. He loves the dog park.
    He found a stick, and was quite proud of himself.

    Then he found an even bigger stick

    Someone said they couldn’t believe he could fit a whole tennis ball in his mouth, so he had to prove them wrong

    He likes to lay on my lab while I’m knitting

    And he doesn’t believe me when I tell him it’s not my job to give him belly rubs all the time

  98. This is Elvis, my brother’s dog. Actually, my sister-in-law was his alpha. He was 3 years old here, all decorated for Christmas. He had a heart defect that went undetected until the day my SIL found him outside on the ground without a heartbeat. Rushed him to the vet, but the goofy boy was gone.

  99. I rescued Annie just over a month ago, from the Wake County Animal Center here in Raleigh. No one knows her story—she wasn’t surrendered by an owner, but found as a stray. An old, thin pink scar across her neck betrays where she was once tied up and left; small areas of missing fur from the back of her neck suggest she may once have worn a spiked training collar. She’s only 3 or 4 but has clearly, at some point, whelped.

    Putting the pieces together: like so many other pit bulls, Annie was used for breeding and then abandoned.

    Her name in the shelter was “Tiffany.” This was patently stupid. I renamed her Annie for Anne McCaffrey, one of my favorite authors, and for the other great Annies of history, like Jump Cannon and Oakley.

    Last night I took a picture of us snuggling in bed. This is not that picture. This is an outtake. It’s not as well composed, doesn’t have the Instagram filter—but there’s no beating that beautiful, coy pittie smile. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CGvnzo5UQAMiDjw.jpg:large

  100. This is Madeleine, a 10-year-old pit bull who is very, very happy the snow in Detroit has finally melted.

    She is also delighted with the stinky dead thing she found and rolled around in moments before this photo was snapped.

  101. This is Einstein. He was found under my wife’s truck when he was only about six weeks old. No one ever appeared looking for him, so he became our dog. He’s fond of playing fetch with his favorite ball, chewing on his favorite ball, kissing his people, playing fetch with his favorite ball, attempting to convince the cats to let him kiss them, cuddling, playing fetch with his favorite ball, trying to convince people through the power of adorableness to give him human food, playing tug, and playing fetch with his favorite ball. He’s my best friend and has provided much helpful advice when writing . . . usually by suggesting I throw his ball and let the story be for a while.

  102. Check the avatar photo! His name is Duffy, a delightful Bichon/Toy Poodle mix who showed up on our doorstep and requested a rescue almost ten years ago. Smart, cheerful, occasionally willful… everything you’d want in a pup in a handy six-pound package.

  103. This is my parents’, now my dad’s dog, Fritzie. Fritzie (the 2d) I should say, because my parents named their previous dog Fritzie also. (There is a family tradition of having a string of Schnauzers all named the same thing—my aunt had a string of Sam’s.) My parents were used to buying purebreds from breeders, but I’m happy to say I talked them into taking a rescue dog this time. (I volunteer at an animal shelter.)

    Fritzie was difficult to handle at first. He displayed a lot of fear aggression, especially toward men. The first couple of weeks they had him, Dad had to avert his face whenever he walked into a room where Fritzie was. But they stuck it out, and now Fritzie and Dad are the best of pals.

  104. This is Seward, our Alaskan husky/greyhound mix. He stands about waist high at the top of his head, and has ridiculously long legs. My friends call him “stilt legs” because of this. We sometimes think he is really a Wookiee because of the sounds he makes.

    Here, he is enjoying sunshine on a winter day:

    And here he is being loved on by our daughter:

  105. Okay, so using img src= doesn’t work, but pasting in the link without HTML does. Good to know. Let’s try this again.

    Here’s our dog contemplating world domination, which certainly makes _her_ happy:

    (Okay, she’s looking at Chad’s vacuum chamber, as a promo shot for one of his physics books premised on imaginary conversations with her. Details, details.)

  106. This is Cheyenne, our retired racing greyhound!

    (Long time lurker, first-time poster. Hi!)

  107. This is Millie on her first day home from being adopted. Obviously, she’s a menace of a pitbull.

  108. This is the day after we got him. We left a bag of groceries unattended for a moment and while our back was turned he got the corn out, shucked it and dug in!

  109. [ First attempt didn’t seem to work, apologies if duped ]

    This is Moondog a day after we got him. We left a bag of groceries unattended and he helped himself to an ear of corn.

  110. This is Ardala. She is super happy because she has identified that the ocean is full of water, and is therefore the enemy, and is excited to show us back to the car. The one that we used to drive her 2.5 hours to the dog beach.

  111. This is Daisy. In the winter, nothing makes her happier than to bury herself deep in a blanket and sit with us on the couch.

    I snapped this picture of her emerging from her cozy spot by bribing her with a frozen dog treat. Happiness knows no temperature!

  112. This is Dozer and Amelia, both rescue mutts. Dozer is about five, and Amelia is about one and a half. We got Dozer from the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and Amelia from The Barking Lot in El Cajon, California. It was the third shelter Dozer had been in, and the second Amelia had been in. Amelia was actually born in the pound. We don’t know why so many people passed them up for adoption. People are weird.

    We think Dozer is a mix of yorkie, Jack Russell, and probably a bunch of other things. He steals socks.

    Amelia is part corgi, part a bunch of other things. She grew up around German Shepherds and pit bulls and is unhinged.

    We take them everywhere we can, which, in San Diego, is a lot of places. Coffee joints, pubs, the beach, etc.

    Dozer is the first dog I ever had. Other than my wife, he’s my best friend. I love Amelia, too, except she wakes us up at 5AM.

    A photo posted by gregvaneekhout (@gregvaneekhout) on Jun 5, 2015 at 12:38pm PDT

  113. Here is our pup, Newton. The first photo is from 2006 (I think), the second from 2012, and the third from 2014. As you can see, Newton’s bed is sometimes invaded by his pet human.

  114. Hoping this link posts pictures of Riona and Snap, my first two foster puppies. (I foster puppies for 4 Paws For Ability, which provides service dogs to disabled children. The fostering, which lasts about 6 months, is a period of socialization, basic training, and evaluation during which the puppy learns to go everywhere with his foster, so that he’ll be ready to do that when he’s a fully trained adult who’s responsible for his child.)

    One the left is Riona, on the right is Snap. Snap now works as a seizure-alert dog for a little girl and goes everywhere with her. Riona, who did not outgrow her (very severe) car sickness has become part of the breeding program and will provide 4 Paws will several litters of future service dogs before being spayed and living out the rest of her life with the family that recently adopted her. (And I will be fostering again, though probably not before winter.)

  115. TwoRunning
    This picture was from our annual “Take the Dogs to the Beach” vacation, at Jekyll Island off the coast of GA.

    The blue merle dog is my Bouncer, the dog that picked me. I saw him at adoption day at a local pet store. I opened the dog to the crate, and Bouncer came out and put his paws on my shoulder in a hug. He was mine from that moment, all that was left was the paperwork. Bouncer passed 2 years ago, but he was my good boy.

    The black tri is our Jasper, possibly one of the Best Dogs Ever. He’s got a good, easy temperament, especially for an Aussie. His biggest fault is barking at dogs on television, even the cartoon dogs. :)

  116. Here’s my boy. Actually he’s my wife’s acolyte so I suppose he’s her boy. Don’t tell her I said that.

    He’s the world’s best Mini Schnauzer. No, really.

    He’s a rescue from a West Texas puppy mill (if only I could get my hands on them) who was being used as breeding stock and probably has tons of children. he was rescued by MSRNT and found his way to his goddess in 2009.
    more wonderful pictures here http://dragonseye.com/photos/index?/category/703-chip_s_place
    and he even has his own facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chipsays

    No dog is the equal of this dog. Except maybe his frenemy Sophie.

  117. Normally dogs aren’t allowed in the pool, but at the end of the season, just before draining it, they had a “Puppy Pool Party”. It was crashed by a local duck, who wasn’t bothered by the 4 or 5 dogs playing in the water. (I hope this link to my Facebook pic works. For some reason Flickr isn’t cooperating today).

  118. This is Fenway. He’s a corgi.

    He has a ball. Having a ball is good.

    It’s even a literary ball. It’s a promo tennis ball for Robert Crais’s novel SUSPECT, about a former military dog with PTSD now working as a K-9 police dog.

    Fenway likes the ball much better than he liked TROY: FALL OF KINGS by David and Stella Gemmell, although he ate much more of the Gemmell novel.

  119. This is Skadi (pronounced as in “beam me up”); she is named for the Norse goddess of snow and hunting, her two favourite things. She loves snow, stuffies, and her people, not necessarily in that order. She excels at defending us from the neighbours’ cows, trucks on the road, and miscellaneous bits of paper. She also loves sneaking into peoples’ bedrooms, referred to as “neaking” in our house.

  120. Indy thinks the squirrels and birds should not feel so comfortable in the high spaces! So, she learned to fly.

    She loves jumping, but unfortunately hip dysplasia has grounded her these days. But she sure did soar!

  121. Happy puppy with bonus happy baby. This is my daughter about three years ago, with her grandma’s maniacally friendly schipperke, Pacer. They are still great friends.

  122. Molly…she’s a furever part of our family … adopted from foster care 1 year ago !!! It was love at first sight !

  123. This is Megabit! We adopted him from a shelter back in October. Our best guess at his heritage is Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback, but we don’t know for sure.

    He loves sleeping on the couch, staring at rabbits, and learning new things. Even though he’s a good seventy pounds, my girlfriend has convinced him that he’s a lapdog. He spends hours sitting in her lap while she uses the computer.

    He does yoga when he’s happy.

  124. Here is Pippo, a beautiful Golden Retriever: he’s not my dog – or rather, I’m not his human – but he shares home and life with friends who are as close as family to me. I’ve seen Pippo grow from the adorable puppy in this picture to a huge, lovable, intelligent and adorable adult who taught me much about dogs and how they can fill your life with their undemanding love. I count myself lucky and privileged to be numbered among his friends.

  125. Some content was stripped by our security filters, but it should be possible for one of your Editors to embed the content for you.

    This is my sister’s Havanese, Maddie. Maddie is maybe not quite the worst-behaved dog ever, but she comes pretty close to it! She’s still adorable and we love her anyway, especially because somehow despite being a terror in general, she’s always an angel with my baby niece.

  126. Thanks Kate Nepveu for figuring out what I was doing wrong. See my previous two attempts for captions. His name is Walt.

  127. My pups are Bryce (a Vizsla mix) and Onyx (GSD mix).
    C:\Users\New G\Dropbox\Photos\Dogs\20140403 (1).JPG

  128. This is Cho-Cho, a German Shepherd / yellow Lab mix (or at least that’s what we were told). We got him from a “Free Puppies” box in front of a grocery store in 2001. He’s gone now, but was a very happy puppy all of his days.

    He’s especially happy in this picture because he’d just gotten a dog-cookie. All that remains is the crumb on his tongue.

  129. This is Iceal, my sister-in-law’s pup. I dog-sit this little guy all the time and he loves going for walks. He’s so friendly and is always happy!

  130. This is Dexter. He’s about 10 years old now. We got him from a rescue centre when he was tiny and scared of everything. That soon changed. He has successfully conned my parents into letting him sleep on their bed, to the point where he now gets huffy when mum stays up later than usual. He gives her pointed glances and goes to stand near the door to upstairs. He has been known to attack the television when anything even remotely resembling a dog shows up, and we once had to shut him out of the room when watching Lord of the Rings because the orcs drove him absolutely nuts.

  131. IMG_4243a

    My tri-pawed Samus and my quad-pawed Zelda play with some foster puppies who stayed with us a couple weeks. It’s pure coincidence that they’re all color coordinating.

  132. Here’s Satchel, my happy puppy. We did not rescue her Paragliding, from an abused home, or in some other outlandish way. We found her in the barn where the Beagle-Springer litter had been born. She was the runt, and she was hiding. She was not the first dog my wife saw, but she was the last and best. I was never a dog person before, but Satchel has changed that. She has my heart. She is joy and love and sweetness. She is almost always smiling, even when she is sleeping. Thanks for doing this John. Excellent idea.

  133. This is Arlow. We took this picture a month ago when he was still learning how to treat the poor older dogs at work properly.

  134. This is Chy (although she also responds to “puppy”). She sleeps like this all the time. I guess eventually we’ll have to find her a puppy chiropractor.

  135. This is Missy, a full breed yellow lab. She’s thirteen years old. We named her after a college friend. It’s actually pretty hard to get a good picture of her because she believes ALL CAMERAS WILL CONSUME MY SOUL but this one came out great.

  136. Originally from the prehistoric high waffle marshes of what is now western South Carolina, this rare North American Wafflehound rests in her natural habitat, after an arduous day spent hunting waffles.

  137. This is my ol’ (pushing 13!) buddy Sammy. Whenever there’s a storm in the area he always wants to hold hands through it. I’m happy to oblige thanks in part to a face like this.

  138. My friend E comes to visit when her dad travels. We have lots of fun together, she’s a smart and funny lady. So funny that she decided to make this picture load sideways, because that’s the sort of goofiness a dog like E prefers. :D

  139. This is Nicodemus (named after the Nimh character). In December 2013, my spouse’s aunt found two abandoned dogs in the shopping center where her business is, and took them in to foster them back to good health. We were visiting, and my wife and daughter loved both dogs, but the smaller dog loved them like whoa. As in, would not leave their laps, ever. And would whine like crazy when kept away from his humans. By the end of the trip, there was no way he wasn’t coming home with us.

    He a mix of Chihuahua and Corgi, and loves playing with toys.

  140. This is Baran and Zim last week, as we enjoyed a three-way game of tug-of-war:

    Baran is just 16 weeks in this photo – he’s an American Cocker Spaniel. His favourite pastime is harassing our two cats, and he loves belly rubs.

    Zim is 5 years old and loves running, chasing and jumping – naturally, playing catch is his favourite activity. As an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross, it is not surprising that he enjoys learning agility (and his sire, a purebred Aussie, was an agility dog as well!).

  141. Our 3 month old Afghan Hound on his first day at his new home in California, about 9 months ago. If it is furniture, I will sit or stand on it. And, would you bring my dinner out to me, please? I’m comfortable here.

  142. Here is my Happy Puppy, Sabrina, after a long Christmas day a few years ago. She ran out to the tree like a little kid and my wife had made a stocking for her full of treats and toys. She played hard but the happy puppy tuckered completely out for an afternoon nap. She’s a Sheltie mixed with who knows what and she is the only kid left in the house now that our son is in college.


  143. This is Honey, a 3-year old Corgi/something mix:

    She is a rescue in the most literal sense of the word, as she was taken away from an abusive owner. When we first adopted her, she spent the first 3 months hiding in her crate, and it took 8 months before she would stop running away whenever my husband came home. Now she cuddles with us on the sofa every evening, wrestles with my husband, and sleeps between us on the bed every night.

  144. The council pound listed our Cyclops as a ‘CorgiX’ (he has short legs), but who knows! I do know that his low centre of gravity can give me a good sideways tug if he takes off after a rabbit when I walk him in the local farm park.

  145. Davey is very happy indeed to bury himself in a pile of his new (human) sibling’s just-dried laundry.


  146. Here are Lily and Remy, my two spoodles (Remy is the red, more spaniel-y one), with two of their favorite toys. (Anyone else have a dog who seeks after champagne cork cages in the rubbish bin? No? Just me then … OK.) Miss Lil is 12, although she still acts like a puppy, and Remy has just turned one.

  147. This is Seward, our Alaskan husky/greyhound mix. He stands about waist high at the top of his head, and has ridiculously long legs. My friends call him “stilt legs” because of this. We sometimes think he is really a Wookiee because of the sounds he makes.

    Here, he is enjoying sunshine on a winter day:


    And here he is being loved on by our daughter:


  148. This is Dutchess Marie at her fourth birthday last month. She’s an Olde English Bulldogge, and has been with us for almost a year. For her birthday, she received a blue chameleon and a red fox. And a rather large bone. (Not Pictured)

  149. A photo posted by Sister C (@sistercoyote69) on Dec 29, 2014 at 6:47pm PST

    From the top down: Ms. E. Claire de Loon, Mr. Spiky Blue Bear, and Miss Evil E. Lette preparing to go to the park. What you can’t see is my mother, who has just opened the car door. Claire and Blue use Evie as a footrest, and Blue checks in with her partway through the ride. All three dogs are shelter adoptions; Blue and Claire came as a set and Evie was kind of an accident — they were fostering her but she was too shy and so the “furever” home she was supposed to have sent her back, and mom declared WE were her “furever” home.

  150. This is Smokey — my dad’s dog, but I spend almost every weekend with her. (That counts, right?) She had a rough first couple of years (neglect and abuse) before being turned in to a shelter, but has been living the good life since my folks adopted her 7 years ago.
    A great dog (who’s still working on being reliably a “good dog”).

  151. Floofy

    This is my Havanese, Bear. He was doing his wiggle dance and i just happened to snap this at right second.

  152. This is Nell, my lovely cocker spaniel. She loves to play in the snow.This is a couple of years ago; she’s a little old and sick now. We worried we would have to put her down this winter, but luckily she made a recovery!

  153. This is the Dread Pirate Jenny. She is a deaf blue heeler. This pic was taken when she was about 10 months old, and about 30 lbs. Her friend is a German Shepard/Rottweiler that weighs about 80. Those are her happy teeth.C:\Users\KRH\Pictures\Dog Park 9-24\IMG_0796.JPG

  154. I’m bad at this sort of thing, but here’s hoping it works:

    If it did work, you’re looking at my dogs. L-R are Gideon, age 2; Crash, age 8; and Pumpkin, age 13. Gideon and Pumpkin are both rescues. Pumpkin is a border collie/Aussie shepherd, Crash is a golden retriever, and Gideon is a large-breed shelter surprise. :D They’re all adorably insane.

  155. Here is Brandy, estatic that she’s managed to grab one of my slippers:

    /Users/helenmcgrane/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2015/Jun 5, 2015/IMG_1948.JPG

  156. Whoa, i have the twins of Ty’s Yeti & Woutje (third comment)!

    Hanzo is a goofy American pit bull terrier who likes to prank my cats by sneaking up while they’re asleep, barking in their face, and then running away with a big stupid grin on his face. He loves meeting new people and dogs, and in this photo, he’s walking in Relay for Life.

    Briar is a pit bull mixed with some kind of herding breed, and she’s more serious: she used to keep my guinea pigs on the rug in the center of the room every time i cleaned their cage by sliding them back into place with her nose. She enjoys fetch (with a ball or a stick, not a guinea pig).

  157. This is Riley, my gorgeous almost-15-year-old Lab. My blog is all about her — from her 14th birthday, I’ve posted a photo of her a day. We lost her younger brother Xander to cancer at age 9, and I felt like I didn’t have nearly enough pictures or stories about him, and so I wanted to celebrate Riley every day.

  158. *crosses fingers this works*

    My brother rescues weimarners. When he and his wife retired, and built their dream retirement home, it’s clear to me that they decorated for…..the furry babies.

  159. OK, one more attempt to properly embed a photo of Smokey. (If not, just follow the link! She’s the smart one, not me.)

  160. All dog pictures, all the time, this morning.

    Link is to a picture of my brother-in-law’s dog, Penny. She’s a Golden Doodle, and my mother-in-law’s second favorite grandchild (my niece is her first favorite).

  161. I really don’t know if this will work, so please forgive me if it’s just a broken image.

    This is Cinnamon, who was much beloved by my family and quite a few other people. One of our neighbors was a teacher of young children and used to tell them stories of Cinnamon the Wonder Dog. She especially loved playing with buckets, as shown in this blurry action shot:

    My family’s current dog is Tuque. He’s a happy little guy, but tends to have a morose face. I’m sure he was utterly delighted by his Hawaiian shirt here.

  162. Duplicate post with pics that aren’t just thumbnails. Sorry for the bother.

    This is Cinnamon, who was much beloved by my family and quite a few other people. One of our neighbors was a teacher of young children and used to tell them stories of Cinnamon the Wonder Dog. She especially loved playing with buckets, as shown in this blurry action shot:

    My family’s current dog is Tuque. He’s a happy little guy, but tends to have a morose face. I’m sure he was utterly delighted by his Hawaiian shirt here.

  163. This is my dad’s dog Otto, he’s a German wirehair and 80 some pounds of pure muscle and toy destruction.

  164. Our big girl, Moo, came to us in a roundabout sort of way. Found on the mean streets of Burbank at about three weeks of age, she was fostered from the Burbank Animal Shelter, adopted by a family, then they realized they couldn’t really handle her, and a neighbor agreed to foster and re-home her. That neighbor was a tech at my mom’s vet, and she knew we were looking for a dog. We wanted one about 20-40 lbs (she’s 55) and about 1-2 years (she was “10 months” when we got her, but then reviewed her paperwork and discovered she was more like six months). She is everything we would hope for in a family dog and we love her soooo much! She has been with us for two years in August.

    But she’s very social. So she needed a sibling. Rishi’s mother, who is mostly Shiba Inu, was found along the LA River VERY pregnant, and obviously unhomed for a long time. A friend of ours fostered her through birth and re-homed her and all five puppies, who are about half chihuahua. Rishi was THE most rambunctious and fearless of her litter, so in spite of being the smallest, we figured she was the best match for Moo. It appears they agree! She is just now 12 weeks and loves her new sister.

  165. First, there’s Wyatt — a gentle soul with an absolutely ebullient personality. He radiated joy.

    And we lost him way too soon but were gifted with one of his cousins. This is Cooper who we call the anti-Aussie because he thinks working is holding down the rug. Here he is as a puppy being very happy because what’s better than a stick to chew on? A Very Big Stick.

  166. This is Zeus. We adopted him almost four years ago from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. He is now nearing 10 years old. He enjoys sitting in the middle of the couch (thereby occupying the entire couch), laying in the grass, and sleeping across the bottom half of the bed. He is fine with our cats, he is good with small children, but he is afraid of thunder.

  167. Josephine and Henry, unrelated Aussie mixes, both adopted from kill shelters. Josephine is Aussie enough to fake being a Real Aussie ™. Henry, on the other paw, is a low rider, possibly a basset mix; but with spaniel ears.

  168. The first dog was Chico, a loyal dachshund, that was the family dog from the mid-80s to 2001. He could extend his body and kind of climb up on furniture which drove my mother mad.

    The second dog is Chica, an equally loyal terrier, is the current family dog.

    My family would not let me name the either dog Blood.

  169. Here’s my sister’s dog Dezi:

    She’s gone now, but I was closer to her than my mom’s new one. She loved sleeping on our beds, whether we were with her or not. This bed was the solution to that, as long as we made sure to trail it with us when we went from room to room.

  170. This is a picture of our dog Bird on his 13th birthday (he turns 14 this summer)

    Bird is a rescue dog, originally found as a puppy with broken ribs hiding under the stacks of the public library. My wife got him when he was five, by which time he had already lived in six other homes.

    Her friends say he was quite the handful at first, but by the time I came along I thought he was just fine. One of the smartest and kindest dogs I have ever known.

    Also, he was Best Dog at our wedding, the only dog who has ever been inside the Seattle Buddhist Church. So in answer to the old Zen koan on whether or not a dog has a Buddha nature- well our dog seems to at least.

  171. (This is a repeat, because my image didn’t post)

    This is a picture of my first dog. She was happy almost every day of her life: Guy Fawkes Day being a notable exception. (Those damn fireworks! Why did it have to be a gunpowder plot?) Then in her old age she went deaf and Guy Fawkes didn’t bother her any more.

    When she stopped being happy, I knew it was time to let her go. That was over two years ago, and I miss her still. But when she shows up in my dreams, she is still young, and always happy.

  172. Tesla loves going out in public and making friends. We’ve had her for two years now and she’s an awesome dog who always wants to hang out with her people.

    Tesla on the giant Ace chair

    Belle is a new addition – when we adopted her last year, she’d spent 14 of her 18 months of life in the shelter. She was super energetic, which made it hard for their volunteers to socialize and exercise her. We didn’t realize until a month or two after we brought her home how her energy was covering her fear of everything new. We’ve had her for about 8 months now and she is a delight! We’ve encouraged her to develop the self-confidence she needs to navigate the world and she has really blossomed. In this picture, she’s learning how to climb ladders so she can help on house projects.

    Belle the handy-dog

  173. This is Mozart.

    He got that name at the shelter because of his fluff and regality. He is a cross breed if there ever was one. We suspect some Colley and/or sheep dog but at least two others.
    Mozart likes to recycle as he picks up random bottles and helps me put them in the proper bins.
    He is four years old next month and still have the energy and enthusiasm of a six month old pup.

  174. This is my guide dog Casey. This was the very first photo I took of her when she first arrived home. She was about 22 months old.

    She is now 11 and still going strong, albeit a little slower, but still prone to bursts of energy and always keen to go on a new adventure.

  175. This is Pearl, our seven-year old rescue. She’s a North American Bita (bit ‘a this, bit ‘a that), who looks for all the world as though she’s the product of a liaison between a black lab and a basset hound. She’s just rolled around in the sand after running out of the lake. IMG_0570.JPG

  176. This is Tallulah with her binky. Tallulah and her sister Petunia support PUGS, Pugs U Gotta Save, a rescue in Virginia.

  177. This is Tallulah with her binky. Tallulah and her sister Petunia support PUGS, Pugs U Gotta Save, a rescue in Virginia.
    Tallulah with her binky
    Second attempt

  178. Here’s Tess-Dog! She is very, very happy in this photo; her ears are a bit back because she’s just realized someone is looking at her, and being half greyhound her ears are permanently fastened to her skull if human people that she knows are giving her attention.

    Tess-Dog was a shelter dog at the age of seven; a family who loved her had to move away, I guess, though I never knew their story. She’s mostly blind now, but absolutely loving and protective, and she delights in cuddles.

    More than once, we’d go out on a walk and encounter a deer, and Tess would be more than fast enough to corner it and send it back in my direction. The disappointed-disgusted look she gave me, every time I let it stampede past me and to safety…like “Human! That was lunch for at least a week! What are you doing!

  179. This is one of the “Little Rock Nine,” named because they were found in a farmer’s field. He is Gilligan, and out of the 9, had to be bottle fed because mama ran out of milk. I’m not sure how many of his litter survive today. This guy is 13 years old and still kicking, though he has had some back leg issues, recently. It may be nerve damage…we’re not sure. I’ve been too unwell to get him up for treatment, so he has been on bed rest.

    Here he is just before we put him on rest. He’s also on antiinflammatories, which seem to help. The legs are his only issue; he wants to run and play just like everyone else!


  180. I hope this works . . . here are some happy bath dogs: white, almost 18, black 2, brown who knows? Adopted a thin, shivering wreck off the street by my daughter six years ago.

  181. Flick (left) is a border collie/Belgian shepherd mix, and Roxy (right) is a border collie/chow mix. They’re both rescued from local shelters, and they adore going to the river. I hope this link (from my own blog) works, because I confess complete ignorance of how to link a jpeg to a word press comment without going through a site like photobucket. I don’t have any upload image or buttons for the comments in wordpress.

  182. Yay, my other picture worked. And here is a link to a picture of Wiley, my third dog. He’s an Australian kelpie and just loves doing agility. He’s also rescued from a shelter. He probably ended up there because the big baby is scared of sheep.

  183. Not sure if my last one posted or not, so apologies for any duplicates.

    My rescue greyhound Fraction basking in the sun on an unusually warm day last winter.

  184. This was literally a happy dog – he belonged to family-of-choice, and his name was Happy. (Apologies for picture quality, this was taken back when a camera with a couple hundred megapixels was The Newest Shiniest Thing.)


    He may not have looked all that happy, but he was, because he was stealing my sleeping space and pillow.

  185. This is Bela (named after a grey horse in WOT) who just got home from the worst place ever (in her mind) – the groomers. But she’ll be much happier this summer without 4 inches of hair!

  186. This is Bailey, of blessed memory. He is waiting for you to say “OK”. If you do, he will throw that pinecone up in the air and catch it in his mouth. I do miss that dog.

  187. This is Ashok Earnest Twigsbane:

    He liked to eat carrots, would do yoga with the family, and enjoyed playing chase. He was slow to accept new people, but once you were part of the pack he would never forget you. He died of cancer two years ago and is still dearly missed.

  188. After some thought, I present one of my sister’s livestock dogs – because baby goats, right?! She doesn’t look smilingly happy, but she’s a deeply contented dog.

    First Preview didn’t show the picture, then I got “this comment cannot be posted”, so I hope I’m doing it right and not double posting.

  189. DSC02194_0322.jpg

    This is Fred! I ran into a pet store when I was a kid despite my father’s demands not to, but he wasn’t too mad after he met this sweet pup. Fred joined our family not long after. He past away a few summers ago after 16 years of companionship. Although my family has had many beloved dogs before and after Fred, there’s something special about the dog I grew up alongside! I couldn’t have asked for a better or more loving friend.

  190. Drama dog being dramatic. Plus follow-up less dramatic shot. This is from a hike 1200′ down to Wild Horse Lake in the Steens Mtns of Eastern Oregon. A dead fish, coyote scat, and varmint holes: everything a dog loves.

  191. https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/11389995_10152777950296829_921223480659030197_n.jpg?oh=cee1a617e1d9c15c57b72789bccdef40&oe=560054E4

    This is my girl, Cassia. I adopted her from my local humane society when she was 9 months old (according to the HS). She was a stray and still hasn’t gotten over her fear of Strange New People, but once she gets to know somebody, she becomes an equal-opportunity snuggler. Aside from snuggling, she loves sunshine, her series of Souper-size DuraChews (she needs a new one every six months), rope toys, and terrorizing squirrels.

  192. This is LuLu. She’s a Golden Retriever who enjoys chewing up my voter registration card, barking at squirrels, and being adorable and loving. In the picture, she’s very distracted by the UPS man coming to the door while I was petting her.

  193. Maddox aka “Tiny Beast” in the snow this winter in Kentucky. I’m his second owner (always a good excuse when he misbehaves). He lived in Boston when he was very young, but since then lived in Florida and California and hadn’t seen snow in years. He thinks it’s pretty great.

  194. this is lucy the rescue corgi. she enjoys ripping apart her toys, chasing the squirrels who dare sit on her fence, and letting everyone who walks or drives down the street know that she owns the world. we’re very proud of this picture because she hates cameras.

  195. This is my doggie, Maxwell, on the one-year anniversary of his coming home from the SPCA. He is one happy puppy!

  196. What a great cause!

    This here’s my bad boy, back when he was still a little woolly bear doggerpillar with fluppy puppy ears.

  197. Riley is enjoying the heck out of the Beagle Bash, a party for dogs (well, beagles) hosted by Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland. No, he’s not a beagle. His beagle roommate sneaked him in.

    Dudley, newly adopted at age 9-ish, discovers Kong ™ toys. And the peanut butter that lurks within.

  198. I’m loving these pictures of everybody’s puppies!

    Here’s mine:

    She’s a Chinese Crested Powderpuff (many people have heard of Cresteds, but don’t realize they’re not all hairless).

    And here’s my older girl, same breed:

    These are the sweetest dogs in the world.

  199. Here are Jacob Rosencrantz Marable and Wilhelm Guildenstern Marable (we debated which pair to name them after, and the Brothers Grimm won since “Jake and Willie” is a bit more normal than “Rose and Guild”):

    Both rescues from the same litter of Bichons that we first met at only a few weeks old.

    And their older brother Teddy (another rescue) enjoying a shameless belly rub:

  200. This is my second attempt to post… I am hoping to post Rusty the Rust Bucket (aka Rustipher). Rusty was abandoned after his second attempt to deny gravity and jump out of a moving pick up truck. A pair of Good Samaritans caught up with the owner, but after being rebuked, took him to La Plata Humane society. Rusty has 1 leg that is not crippled (Nerve Damage to his left front leg, A badly broken left knee–5 surgeries so far– and a broken right hip that resulted in salvage surgery). Fortunately, Rusty’s cranium walls meet in the center and he does not know that he should be depressed. He hobbles after any dog that he sees to play fight. Any human that he meets must prepare themselves for endless tug of war- or at least a good cuddle.

    For those that are curious about his breed… He’s a Tea Cup Mastiff… Because Denver doesn’t necessarily kill them.

    Here he’s “helping” me clean the shop.

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