A Jurassic Quiz: Find Out Which Dinosaur Will Eat You!

Over at Sundance.tv, where I am writing occasional things about film, I’ve created a quiz in honor of the upcoming Jurassic World movie, featuring somewhat obscure trivia from the first three Jurassic Park films. Get all of the quiz questions correct, and you survive. Miss one or more, and you get killed and possibly eaten by a dinosaur. Which dinosaur? It depends on how many questions you miss.

Ready to test your chances? Then here’s the link. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

36 Comments on “A Jurassic Quiz: Find Out Which Dinosaur Will Eat You!”

  1. Well, I got 6/10. I will apparently be eaten by a dilaphosaurus. That cute little spitter that attacked Dennis Nedry in the first film..

  2. 6/10 as well. Though I’m tremendously unimpressed by the quiz interface, and the questions were mostly uninteresting. I give the quiz 2/10.

  3. I got 7/10, pretty lucky seeing as I haven’t seen the 3rd movie. Dropped by a pterosaur from 300 feet.

  4. Nibbled to death. I protest – Mathematician is not a type of scientist.

  5. 7/10 Dropped fro a great height by a (Not) dinosaur. You’re right. Unless you’re a crazed paleontologist the (Not) would be irrelevant at that point.

  6. Got everything right that came from the first movie/book, and nothing from the others. No surprise considering I’m not sure I ever even saw the third one? I repeatedly made the mistake of going for the funny one…”my lunch is in there!” Didn’t work out too well.

    Anyway. I’ve been stabbed by a stegosaurus!

  7. Sh*t. I’m going to be devoured by a pack of mean, nibbly prehistoric chickens. Thanks Scalzi!!!

  8. 8/10 and you set the velociraptors on me! But I head butted them in their solar plexuses and got away. (Dinosaurs NEVER expect their prey to pull sick Robert Conrad/Wild, Wild West moves on them. Idiots.)

  9. 3/10. Considering I only saw the first one, and not since the first month after its initial theater release, and I’ve gone through 2 pregnancies and breastfed 3 babies since then, it’s not surprising.

    I’m okay with my fate.

  10. 4/10 – gored by Stegosaurus. However, I have a sneaky trick up my sleeve! I’m In Australia. Much more likely to be flattened by a Muttaburrasaurus instead.

  11. Fucing AWESOME! I got stabbed by a stegosaurus! IF I had to go out, Steggy is the way to go. Good th ing I got two lungs huh? Shake it off.. just a flesh wound…

  12. I did try, but response time on the question site was so slow (just before 10AM UK time) that I gave up after question #1.

  13. 2/10. Oh dear, nibbled to death by dinosaur chickens. Actually 2 out of 10 isn’t bad considering I’ve never seen any of the Jurassic Park movies.

  14. 4/10 and eviscerated by a cete of giant badgers?????…..Think Ive got malware issues…..

  15. Dilophosaurus spit has done me in Urrghhhhgrlgrl….

    60% – I really wanted the T-Rex to tear me in two :(

  16. In anticipation of the release of Jurassic World (TODAY!) I’ve been re-watching the Jurassic Trilogy (second-best trilogy after The Godfather).

    Result: 10/10 and survival!

    However, I’ll admit the computer system question gave me pause.

    Good Job!

  17. 10/10, but I’ll admit that I guessed about what Dr. Malcolm was worried about his daughter doing.

  18. I haven’t seen any of the movies. I got 5/10 purely on guesswork and a feel for what kind of things happen in this kind of movie.

    I will be hit with a thagomizer.

  19. tooo many sequels questions – i’ve only seen them a couple of times and have not gotten them fully memorized yet. because they’re terrible and don’t want to.

    but i’m glad that i fell prey to the dilophosaurus!

  20. Hah! I survived. The dinosaurs were too busy laughing to eat me!!! 0 out of 10 FTW! (Since I only ever saw the first film and that was umpteem years ago, I am not ashamed of my poor showing).

  21. The triceratops are gonna get me, but given that I’ve only seen the original that’s not bad.

  22. 4/10

    >>Mathematician is not a type of scientist.

    Agreed, and I’ll add that he actually says in the film that he’s a “chaostician”, not a mathematician. I would think that as chaos theory is a branch of mathematics that chaostician would be a type of mathematician, but he specifically rejects the mathematician label.

  23. Well, since I had the good sense to skip movies 2&3, I did very poorly and am going to be gored by a triceratops.

  24. I’ve never seen any of them, and don’t regard this as a lack in my life . . . and thus have survived because they’re laughing at me. It’s kind of impressive–you’d think I’d pick one correctly just out of chance! Now I can go back to having chocolate AND caramel this weekend, though I haven’t decided on the vehicle yet.

  25. “Hey. HEY look at me! I am a scary movie! Now I am a funny movie! Back to scary or… something, look a butterfly. There, a reference to the frist movie, genius! Lets do this again, but not more than eight or nine times. Back to funny… or scary. Shit, its already an hour, time for some character development! (Nothing to deep, just something sad, u know, to have some change form all the scary funny things, don’t worry we will never talk about that sad thing again). Did I mention that we have good and bad dionosaurs? Yes we do! The good ones fight to save the humans, cool idea, so real! Also u can now run away from a T-Rex, yes run (!) on high heels! Wait, where are u going? Please stay or at least look again at that shiny Mercedes! LOOK AT THIS MERCEDES or dinosaur, not sure if this movie is about mercedes or that other thing, u know, Samsung smart phones. Quick, first movie reference to the rescue!”

    Btw nice quiz ;)

  26. Obviously I do not pay attention to movies. But how is it possible that I am going to be tickled to death by a fern? This can not be right.

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