On a Travel Schedule, 6/12 – 6/22

Hey there. I’m taking a vacation for a week, which means my presence here will be limited for that timeframe. I’ll be posting a couple of Big Idea pieces and maybe a picture or two or a couple of short entries, but otherwise don’t expect to see too much of me until Monday the 22nd. I’ll also be doing that thing where comment threads are limited to a single day until I get back, at which point they’ll go back to their usual “two weeks” length.

Additionally: Most emails and other attempts at communication with me will largely go unacknowledged until to 22nd, because, again: Vacation! I may be on Twitter a bit, but don’t expect much. Basically, assume that I’m not taking a vacation just to stare into a computer or phone screen. Because if I did, what kind of jerk would I be, right?

In any event: Enjoy the next week and change. I intend to.

17 Comments on “On a Travel Schedule, 6/12 – 6/22”

  1. [Deleted because it was an appallingly stupid question to ask, and would be an even more appallingly stupid question for me to answer. Jesus Christ, Gary. Rub a couple of brain cells together before you ask a question like that, please — JS]

  2. The last two sentences struck me funny. I read the next-to-last as having 2 verb in it: Enjoy the next week and (be different by the time it’s over).

    And then you said “I intend to.” And I thought, well, yeah, a good vacation should change you!

  3. Vacations are good.

    Tell us where you went and what you did besides naps, after you get back. We’ll be nosey and curious until you do!

    Have fun and rest up!

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