This Hollow Union, Episode Two of The End of All Things, is Out Now!

I’m off doing touristy things in London, but I would be remiss if I did not inform you that Episode 2 of The End of All Things, “This Hollow Union,” is out and available at your favorite ebook retailer. Here’s the official description:

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. And for the multi-species Conclave, desperate times have arrived. Faced with the prospect of major planets and species leaving the alliance, the Conclave’s leadership has just a few cards left to play…to unpredictable effect.”

Unofficially, I’ll just say that I think it has some of my best storytelling to date, with one of my favorite characters in all of the OMW universe, Hafte Sorvalh. so I hope you enjoy it.

I’m traveling so I’m not going to do all the linking to the various online eBook retailers it’s available from, but you know the drill — if you have a favorite ebook retailer, go look and it should be there.

Happy reading!

16 Comments on “This Hollow Union, Episode Two of The End of All Things, is Out Now!”

  1. You’ve turned me into an addict…I can’t wait for my weekly fix and I’m having a hard time rationing it out until my next, um, fix…sigh

  2. Most of the way through it already this morning. Hafte Sorvalh is one of my favorites too. First person narration from her perspective has been great. The interesting tidbits about Conclave society are nice as well.

  3. Enjoy your vacation. If you have enough time to get out of town, Bletchley Park is a short train trip from Euston station. It’s a fascinating bit of history.

  4. This is stunning, just stunning. Didn’t see the ending coming but somehow both necessary and just right. Incredibly well done sir, well done indeed.

  5. I knew what Tarsem had done the minute it happened, but that did not in any way ruin it. I appreciate the continued ambivalence of the characters and the author towards the government of the Colonial Union (and political powers in general).

    One nitpick: [Spoiler deleted – JS]

    Now I wait, impatiently, for the next installment. Damn you, Scalzi!

    *1. I am being deliberately vague. 2. This is another moment when the fact that I still have 13 separate pieces on my Kindle annoys me. I wish their were a way to format it so it adds to the previous file. Seanan McGuire’s Indexing did that.)

  6. Yay Hafte! I’m holding out for the hardcover, but it’s good to know she’ll be back. And I hope Tony shows up as well, because every story should have churros.

  7. Enjoy London John: we missed having you here for WorldCon, so I hope you have a great time to see what you were missing. If you need any local advice, this local is available (assuming YOU can see my email address on the comments!).

  8. Your cover art is awesome. Do they come from the publisher or is there someone giving you a hand with those? (who may take orders …) Any hint will be much appreciated. Cheers.

  9. I’ve been busy, and didn’t wrap up episode 2 until twenty minutes ago. And just as I close it, episode 3 shows up in my reader. Perfect timing. And goodbye, sleep.

  10. The art on this cover, as on the edition that I have of “Old Man’s War” is excellent. Just marvelous. Same artist?

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