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Amazon Tweaks Its Kindle Unlimited System. It Still Sucks For KDP Select Authors

Now that I’ve returned to the US and have parked myself in front of the computer again, people are asking me what I think of Amazon’s plan to tweak the way its Kindle Unlimited system pays KDP Select authors. In the past, Amazon would designate a certain amount of cash ($3 million this June, according to this […]

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Just Putting These Here So They Can Be Part of the Permanent Record

From the day itself: So, we're not pretending the Charleston shooting is something other than racial hatred, right? pic.twitter.com/tCS8C28G6J — John Scalzi (@scalzi) June 18, 2015 If witnesses say the alleged shooter said "I'm here to shoot black people," I would think it's pretty clear why black people were shot. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) June […]

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Note to WSFS Members: Killing the Best Novelette Hugo is a Terrible Idea

(Note: Hugo neepery follows. But not the usual Hugo neepery! This is entirely new Hugo neepery! However, if you’re bored with Hugo neepery in general, then avoid this.) Every year at Worldcon, there’s a business meeting where World Science Fiction Society members may, among other things, offer up amendments to the WSFS constitution. A very active […]

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Back in the US: A Housekeeping Note

I’m back home after a long, lovely week in London with my bride on the occasion of our 20th anniversary. More on that later. Housekeeping notes: 1. The comment threads, which I had trimmed back to being open only for a couple of days whilst I was away, are now open to their usual two […]

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