Back in the US: A Housekeeping Note

I’m back home after a long, lovely week in London with my bride on the occasion of our 20th anniversary. More on that later.

Housekeeping notes:

1. The comment threads, which I had trimmed back to being open only for a couple of days whilst I was away, are now open to their usual two weeks length, so if you wanted to leave a comment on a post from the last week but were temporarily limited, go to it.

2. I’ve taken down my “I’m on vacation” email autoresponder, so my mail situation is now back to normal (i.e., the usual haphazard “why do I have so much email whyyyyyyyy” state of affairs).

3. That said, you might want to give me a couple of days to get completely back up to speed, because of the whole “returning from vacation and dazedly reintegrating back into the real world” thing. Tuesday! Tuesday would be a fine day to assume I’m fully back in the swing of things.


7 Comments on “Back in the US: A Housekeeping Note”

  1. Welcome home, and I’m sure you had a great time in London. Been there several times, and I enjoyed myself immensely each time!

  2. I used to go into great horking spasms of terror at the idea that my email would build up for a couple days and crush me. I didn’t take vacations for years. Finally I hit upon a sort of solution: I took two weeks off and installed an autoresponder that said “I am on vacation until (blah). When I get back I would expect 32,000 emails to deal with, so I have installed this autoresponder to tell you: if your message to me is important, please resend it after (blah) because when I get home I will do a ‘delete *’ on my inbox.”

    It worked! Delete *! The piddy day to day stuff that didn’t matter: poof, gone. The rest trickled back in at its normal rate and there was no brain-breaking tsunami of text waiting when I got home.

  3. Glad you had a good time, and happy Father’s Day. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from jet lag; if you can manage it by Tuesday, you’ll be doing a WHOLE lot better than we did coming back from London.

  4. John, I’m headed to London in 3 days. Anything you didn’t see or accomplish that you really wish you had, which i can do by proxy? I’ll write and tell you how much fun you would’ve had…

  5. welcome back, look forward to some interesting pics hopefully. Also, did you have to visit Forbidden Planet? That place always seemed like a mecca for SF books and such.

  6. I sent you an email on the 16th, and didn’t get an autoresponse. Was that some time the autoresponse wasn’t running, or was there some sort of issue (and should I re-send)?

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