Sunset and Daughter (and Daughter’s Boyfriend)

Ah, to be young.

And that’s all I have for you today. See you tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “Sunset and Daughter (and Daughter’s Boyfriend)

  1. I guess the poor, poor prom pineapple is out of the picture now. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to last….

  2. Ahahahah, my thought also was for her erstwhile pineapple gentleman (gentlefruit?) caller!

  3. Now that’s a goodlooking sunset! Oh, the young people are pretty goodlooking too. What a wonderful smile.

  4. @mjfgates: John doesn’t need shotguns. He has ukeleles. Drive off any young man with nefarious intentions.

    Do we KNOW that’s a boy? Might be the pineapple atop a mannequin, with a wig.

  5. Peter, lulz.

    I have the same argument with my soon-to-be teenager son on his preferences for long hair. Funny thing is I grew up in the 70’s and had (young) Peter Frampton length locks myself.

    “Get a haircut!”, -he says, shaking his cane-, “and don’t piss off dad!, He’s got a blog fer heaven’s sake!”

  6. Really sneaky Dad bit. Subtle hint that Dad has friends everywhere who could be called upon search for nefarious characters?

  7. Has anyone reminded him gently of the fate of Zoe’s first serious boyfriend on Roanoke?…

  8. isn’t Cousin It a bit old for her? Or is that the hair monster from Looney Toons?

    I kid, of course, It is wonderful to see her so happy, I am sure.

  9. Athena is a strong feminist, and does power lifting for a sport. POWER LIFTING! Considering her parents, I bet she does not take gruff from anyone, except her father. When the boyfriend screws up, and they all do because they are boys, she can take care of him her self.
    If I was the boyfriend would be more afraid of Christina than John.
    Readers do remember that Jane Sagan is modeled after Christina. John is a writer. Which one do you want to have your back in a dark alley?

  10. Yay, happy picture. As the parent of a young daughter, I hate Shotgun Jokes and will not tolerate them. What do people say to parents of young boys, “Sure hope he doesn’t date rape anyone, haha!”

    Luckily all of my spouse’s family and friends are used to my humourless feminist ways (my side has been used to them forever, and in some cases, taught me). Like how I won’t let anyone buy my kids clothes with words on until the kids can read and endorse them….

  11. @LurkerType: John doesn’t need shotguns. He has ukeleles.

    He doesn’t need ukuleles, he has Journey albums on CD. If he wants to drive teenagers away he just has to spin their Greatest Hits and they’ll skedaddle.

    …. Lying beside you, here in the dark feeling your heartbeat with miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

  12. She broke up with the pineapple? :-(

    Jeff: There’s an Enzo?

    Ooo, ill-omened, Jeff. Take that out of the law. OTOH, I bet if he says “please don’t have me cubed,” she’ll get a good laugh.

  13. [quote] He doesn’t need ukuleles, he has Journey albums on CD. If he wants to drive teenagers away he just has to spin their Greatest Hits and they’ll skedaddle.[/quote]

    Used to have a 2 person office – office mate was Ron. We had a tape system to listen to music. If one of us had a visitor he wanted to get rid of, he would subtly signal the other, who would put on a tape of a bagpiper. Worked every time. The people we liked also liked the pipes.

    Flaming ukuleles beat out (just barely) Flaming bagpipes. I agree with @Xopher – both would make a cool book cover.

    Or – DADD (Dads Against Daughters Dating) t-shirt. A higher cachet than an AR-15.

  14. So, first Athena jilts her poor prom pineapple. Then you chop it up and eat it on a pizza! Fruitism at its worst!

  15. “Also, am I the only one who thinks that picture could be a book cover?”

    It could be, but only if it were self-published and made extensive use of the Papyrus typeface.

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