I Have a Note From My Brain

It says: “Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhoi.” Which I think means it’s taking the day off? Maybe?

Anyway, yeah. Sorry, it seems like my post-vacation daze has gone on a bit longer than expected. Maybe I’ll have something for you tomorrow. Maybe.

Anyway, how are you?

42 Comments on “I Have a Note From My Brain”

  1. Is it saying that with a quick rise in tone there at the “oi”? Or more of a slight drop in tone, bordering on a mild grunt? I believe the former would indicate more confusion than the latter, likely implying, e.g., some residual jet lag.

  2. I am well, thank you for asking. I wanted to note that Larry Correia just posted a blog about writers that was very similar to something you recently wrote. I like the fact that you and he both understand your business, and want to help others understand your business. You two are, in some ways, more similar than a lot of people want to make you out to be.

  3. Like Glenn – except they were speaking too loudly for me to hear what you said, John.

    Right now my brain is saying – “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

  4. bskinn – unless learned as a second language, I don’t think that John’s brain speaks to him with yiddish inflection. I could be wrong – lord knows it’s probably strange enough in there – we only get to see what he lets out!

  5. Lol, brains are not supposed to stop working. Its a continuous learning transmitter. Even when you sleep. I name it Astral super sub-conscious dream connection (spiritual stuff really). You can achevive this by meditating with the correct frequencies and binaural beats and manifest it with fallen angels as a form of communication.

    Makes sense? No? Lol..oh well.

  6. Oh, you know, I feel like a character in a work by Samuel Beckett: an old filling in one of my teeth exploded and I had to have it filled, my knees are going, my left shoulder has been weakened from years of carrying a bag on it, I’m having allergic reactions when I don’t actually go near things that I am allergic t…aaaaaaand, you were just asking to be polite, weren’t you?

    I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking.

  7. My brain is also not engaged; alas, I have a little over an hour left at work. Was going to take a half day and go home and veg by the pool, but by the time the half day came around, it was cloudy and overcast, so I said eff it. Now I’m just killin’ time until I can punch the clock and get out of here.

  8. Other than my knees* and the beginnings of a vague urge for dinner, just peachy.

    *I discovered that sidewalks are still harder than knees a bit over a week ago. I would urge everyone to accept my findings and not try to repeat the experiment.

  9. Doing great. Don’t worry my brain feels like that all the time because of working graveyard. So, because your not talking about anything, I would just like to say that I’m almost done reading “Redshirts” and find it a great and fun read.

    Anyway, don’t want to tax your mind with much. Hope you got something tomorrow. Enjoy your break.

  10. Well, I’ve been cutting and trimming azaleas for twelve hours a day in 100+ weather. So, I’ve gone from pasty-white to red and bronze in a matter of hours. I just ate half a ham and pineapple pizza, so I’m full. Thanks for asking!

  11. My brain calls that “going out for pizza;” of course it went out for pizza in 2002 and never came back, so…

    The morning hit of coffee, thankfully, primes some of the necessary circuits.

  12. I am trying to learn Chopin’s fourth and final Scherzo (the E major) all by myself. So far, so good, to my surprise. I’m starting to think that the idea attributed to Malcolm Gladwell (although maybe not really his) – about attaining expertise through sheer number of lifetime hours spent practicing – might be true after all, although it took me some 50 years of off-and-on study (i.e., since 4th grade) to get there.

  13. Your brain gives much longer notes than mine, which is to be expected. Mine just goes “duhh”.

    I’m fixin’ to go buy cat food and a Double-Double.

  14. Doing well, thanks. Picked up three books at the library; one on chainmaille patterns, one on making cheese, and a novel called “Of Noble Family”. Also bought fresh strawberries & lettuce at the town Farmers Market. Thinking maybe I should buy milk from the local dairy & learn to make ricotta for the strawberries.

  15. Recovering from swollen glands and a sore throat. I used the time to work on a multitude of sewing projects, beat an overly-aggressive volunteer tree in our hedge back into submission, and sleep. Frequently, that is the exact carrier wave noise my brain makes, usually followed by a grunt.

  16. Remember: don’t bother your brain and it won’t bother you.

    For some reason this reminds me of the Far Side cartoon of the snotty-nosed kid in class saying, “Mr. Osborne, may I be excused? My brain is full.”

  17. I sympathize with your challenges involving the uncooperative brain. When we got back from London last summer, I think it took a week or more for the jet lag to fade enough to where I felt as though I had a semi-normal level of cognitive ability going. If I had it to do over again, I’d have taken an extra week of vacation just to recover when we got back. Hope you recover more quickly than I did; it’s likely you will, since you’re a fair bit younger than I am.

    As to how I am, well, work is nuts, personal life has its ups and downs, joints are creaky but health is good, pottery is satisfying, and I am really, really glad that tomorrow is Friday. Thanks for asking, even though I know you don’t really give a rip one way or the other; your mom raised you to be a polite fellow, and it shows. Tell her thanks from me the next time you talk to her.

  18. Chilling in an air-conditioned motel room; tomorrow morning we set up for a three-day open air art fair where it’s predicted to hit 100° all weekend. We have ice, we have salt tabs. Wish us luck…

  19. John, at least your brain isn’t as rude as mine. Mine tends to give me the middle finger then bend over and show its ass. Then just walks away without so much as a “have a nice day”.

  20. @Egl, I don’t need to recreate your experiment. I saw my mother perform a similar experiment 30+ years ago with her knee and a tiled floor. A broken knee cap ensued which required surgery and two screws, and gave me the perfect opportunity to tell my 10th grade English teacher to “go to hell”. Trust me, lots of students, and twice as many parents told her to go to hell. Hell, even my fave guidance counselor wanted to tell her the same, but he was restricted by stupid school rules.

    Remember, substances are harder than bone. Often. ~Looks at fifth metacarpal on right hand, remembers wall~

  21. Man, your brain manages to articulate vowels when it’s in that state?

    Mine doesn’t get much beyond “mnrrrrrghhhggnmn”…

  22. Grnaaarrrggg (that was a cheerful “Grnaaarrrggg”). I’ve finished two big writing projects in the last few days, so I feel all cheerful and positive. Then I try and work on a third novel, and my brain says, “Excuse me? I think not.” Graham Norton it is.

    Felicity Banks

  23. I’m subscribed to a CSA. All veggies all the time! Any good recipes for napa cabbage? Or ideas for fennel fronds? I hate to waste them…

  24. I am fine, even though my brain goes “Duuuh” (or “Hunh?”) multiple times every day. The coherent brain is overrated. No, wait, I mean underappreciated.

  25. hank you for asking, John, my brain is fine and good to go. It wants to know why I’m still in neutral. The rest of my body, on the other hand, is screaming for more painkillers and telling my kidneys and liver to shut the hell up because they know nothing about maximum safe doses.

  26. Thank you for asking John, today s my ((threescore and ten)-five)th birthday. I have just been out for lunch and am now vegging.

  27. Awake for the most part, glad it’s Friday, but a significant chunk of my thinky bits have gone all “Borky bork, yea vort de stirren der tea mit de shpoony ting, bork…”

  28. I know just how you feel.My brain hasn’t been quite in gear since I returned from vacation in September.

  29. My Facebook-serialized Dog Tail Off Deneb slipped over the 40,000 word minimum-length SFWA or MWA novel length this week. That’s the 15th of my FB-serialized novels, some over 200,000, even 300,000 words.Slow progress on several screenplays, including “The Colder Equation” in pre-production. I’m waiting to hear if my abstract on weaponized Ebola was accepted for the 5th International Conference on Epidemics. 5 people came Saturday for the Screenplay/Teleplay/Stage Script workshop that my wife and I host. Slow progress in getting enough contributors to the proposed book on Quantum Cosmology edited by me and Prof. Fellman. Car in shop, rear-ending estimate $800. Con hotel for Westercon 68 driving me and my wife crazy. My wife reserved 4 nights (it’s 2-5 July 2015) at con hotel via Groupon, at $98/night, below Con rates, and the hotel denied the Groupon buy, and cancelled the defective incomplete reservation. At this point, my wife is fed up, and I shall g without her, having been on dozens of Westercon panels in the past. But don’t know if my car is ready, or if I must ride-share and room-share with some other Attending member.

  30. @DigitalAthiest: Ouch! I’m glad I didn’t do that much damage.

    I just got some nasty scrapes, that are taking forever to heal because joints+scab formation aren’t a great combo.

    Glad you at least got to mouth off to a crappy teacher because of it.

  31. @egl. Thanks. My nephew is 6 months younger than I am and he flunked the same teacher… for reasons. Seriously, on further study (with agreement from my Gay/Fave guidance counselor) we, along with others who failed her classes all a) possessed penises, b) were male, and c) were from poorer families, and d) were a combo of a, b, and c. I know of a several students who were not male, or rich who got away with murder–in a figurative sense–and passed her class. Of those, the males were from well off families, and a few of the females twigged early on to the fact that they had … well some female parts… even Gay/Fave GC understood those criteria. The school district has been at a loss since his death. :-(

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