View From a Hotel Window, 6/26/15: San Francisco

It’s a nice view!

Here in town for the American Library Association meeting; I get to hang out with librarians, who are some of my favorite people in the world. Also, rumor is, there might be some celebrating here this weekend. Well, I’m up for that as well.

Don’t expect too much here over the weekend; they’re keeping me busy. But I’ll be back on Monday for sure. See you then.

17 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 6/26/15: San Francisco”

  1. i’ve always wanted to know what Union Square looks like from up there.

    and now i know.

    and now i’m super homesick. :)

  2. That would be the Westin St. Francis you’re in, if I’m not mistaken. Nice digs! Stayed there myself for a business meeting a few years ago. (During which I managed to flabbergast Seanan McGuire by showing up unannounced at a bookstore appearance. Fun times!)

  3. Leslie – Muncie, Indiana – 64 year old grandmother of five, recently remarried! I was born in Alaska before Alaska was a state.

    Why is there an exploding space ship outside your window? (<–What I thought last time you posted from a hotel.)

  4. Jon Chaisson – Writer, obsessed music listener and collector, okay bassist and guitarist, hoopy frood. Questionable logical circuits, but he gets by.
    Jon Chaisson

    Welcome to town!

    Oh, and fyi, it *might* be a little crazy here this weekend. Just sayin’. ;)

  5. I like that hotel, I stayed there several times back in the 20th Century.

    This a great time to be in San Francisco. But then it is a great time to be in the USA.

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