New Books and ARCs, 7/2/15

There’s a lot of excellence in this stack of books/ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. I imagine you see some stuff you would desire for you own library. Tell me what those might be in the comments!

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  1. Golden Son was amazing. One of the best sci fi books I’ve read in the last 10 years.

    You should probably read Red Mars first to get background, but it was only pretty good. Golden Son, though, from pretty much page 1 it was insanely great.

    Can’t wait for Morning Star

  2. I’ve really been enjoying the Ancillary series. A really interesting take on Identity.

  3. I am pretty much going loopy over just seeing Armada being in that stack. I’ve been reading as much gamer-themed fiction as I can lately, and I’m just going nutty waiting on it to be released. I am so jealous you got an ARC of it. #gonnastealit #bwahaha #yoink

  4. Very excited for the WTNV book! Already preordered from Borderlands Books. It comes out just in time to be a birthday present for myself.

  5. Night Vale!! I’m not a big audio person. I prefer visual input so I’m really looking forward to reading this.

  6. Interesting to see what Night Vale is like in book form. Wish I could have afforded the limited Ancillary Justice.

  7. I listen to Welcome to Nightvale, but I’m not sure how well it will work in book form. I’m interested in Aurora, but I might have to listen to the audiobook version. Robinson’s Mars trilogy was great, but honestly, I couldn’t get through the paper version and had to listen to them instead.

  8. Well there’s three books that were already on me reading list . Leckie, Cline and Sigler.

  9. I’m currently reading Ancillary Justice and enjoying it quite a bit. I probably would never have read it if not for the Sick Puppies whining about how unworthy it is of the awards it won.

  10. Armada, Aurora, and Ancillary Justice!!! Guess I just want to read books that start with “A.”

  11. Recently read ‘Ancillary Justice’, good conceptual background but boring story. Won’t pursue further.

  12. Ooh, Ancillary Justice. Excellent book, objectively speaking. Thematically and technically beautiful, one of the best novels I’ve ever read.

    Didn’t like the style or the plot, but that’s entirely personal. The setting, characters, and themes were excellently done and the writing was technically flawless. Would definitely recommend it to a friend, even though I’ve enjoyed other books more myself.

  13. Is there a reason for Ancillary Justice being in this stack? I read it a couple of years ago, before it won Hugo, Clarke, Nebula, Oscar and Emmy awards. Is there new material in this printing?

  14. russkirk: It’s the fancy Subterranean Press edition of Ancillary Justice.

  15. KSR has a new book out? Did not know that. I did not love 2312 but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  16. Aurora set to be released next Tuesday on my calendar to get. Then get Armada the following Tuesday. A good July for my reading. Not for my working. But for my working

  17. Judging by the spines (and not counting the bound proof of Occupied Earth), the best-designed of these – the most pleasurable to look at – has to be Subterranean’s edition of Ancillary Justice. I hope the body font is well chosen too; I expect to read it someday, and not on a screen.

  18. Limited edition Ancillary Justice! I suspect that Leckie (along with Scalzi) is a member of the contemporary science fiction trinity…or maybe they are ancillaries of the most amazing sci-fi writing starship!

  19. BUT JOHN! I have to know the political and social viewpoints of these authors before I decide if I can enjoy their work. What if I read a book by someone whose politics I strongly object to? I simply cannot let that happen so please list all the relevant political and social opinions of each author so that I might know which to read and which to avoid.

  20. ARMADA!!!! And Welcome to Nightvale for my daughter!!! Lucky Bastard! :)

  21. David Levy: your copy will be soggy and full of debris from the sandstorm. Just speak into your toaster and the sheriff’s secret police will arrange it. It’s the least they can do, considering what happens in the future…

  22. Ooh, Night Vale novel. I’d be interested in that (last novelisation I saw of a radio series was the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series – I’ll be interested in seeing how the trick is done).

  23. I’ve heard soooo much about Welcome to Night Vale — is this a novelization of the podcast, a companion piece, or what?

  24. I a curious about some of these books, most prominently Ancillary Justice – I mean, awfully nice that you got a copy, but I’m curious about why they’d send you one. I’d thought you mostly received these books because the publishers thought it might help to spread awareness of them; Ancillary Justice (which I read and enjoyed and found thought-provoking) hardly needs more publicity after all the awards it’s won.

    I certainly don’t begrudge you getting these great books, I’m just confused about why the publishers send them sometimes.

  25. Ancillary Justice! Armada! Night Vale!
    Never heard of the others, and they’re probably awesome, through osmosis alone!! (I hope they’re awesome anyway!)

  26. @Warren Terra

    If the publisher sells even extra two copies of the book they should break even on the printing and shipping costs to Scalzi and given the breadth and scope of his audience a guaranteed ‘ad’ of their new books are likely to sell far more extra than that. Even for a book that is relatively well know like Ancillary Justice or by a big name author benefit from the extra audience awareness in the same way McDonald’s knows that no one who sees their commercial is going to be surprised to learn about it.

  27. KSR for me :) . (I’m another one not keen on Leckie but no writer can please everyone.)

  28. Armada is the next book that I’ve been waiting for. Cline has a style feels like a longtime best friend telling an awesome story that comes across like transparent narration as smooth as 50 year old single malt Scotch. ^__^

  29. Ancillary Justice is phenomenal. One of the best, if not the best, novels I have read in the past decade.

  30. I cannot wait to read Armada. I’m also excited about Welcome to Night Vale and a friend of mine gave Alive a pretty good review.

  31. Already read and enjoyed the top book (based on the Scalzi Recommendation), and I’m really looking forward to both the new KSR and Armada.

  32. mmmm…new Scott Sigler…I admit to being a total Sigler fanboy, especially his Galactic Football League series. I even wear my Ionath Krakens t-shirt to DragonCon most years.

  33. Oooh, I can’t wait to get the Armada audiobook! Another read by Wil Wheaton will make me super happy.

  34. If a limited edition is already sold out, then I am guessing Scalzi is not going to affect sales, unless they do another run.

  35. Maybe for the Night Vale weather they’ll have a few pages of sheet music.

    …and a complimentary kazoo with each copy.

  36. Nice haul.

    Looking forwards to getting my hands on my own copies of Armanda and Welcome to Night Vale. Ancillary Justice was fantastic. Not as enthusiastic about Golden Son (not bad, just a little to over done for me), but if you rocked Red Rising, you should like Golden Son.

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