Conversation Between Me and My Brain Today

Me: Hey! Brain! Do we have anything useful to say today?

Brain: Let me check. Hmmm… yeah, nope, we got nothing.

Me: Awesome! Time for pie!

And there you have it.

26 Comments on “Conversation Between Me and My Brain Today”

  1. The Internet says both you and your brain are wrong – or course that is the default answer to any question.

  2. “Time for pie” is very useful. Not only does it help set my own agenda for today, it may also be the name of my next band! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmmmm…Pie today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Pie with handmade crust and with Graham cracker crust. Pizza pie. Boston cream pie.

    Takes one’s mind off current foolishness most admirably.

  4. I’m going with coffee + Ben & Jerry. Not your thing – I know, but it’s mine.

  5. Schadenfreude Pie, of course. You can have some of what I baked Wednesday (I live alone, so it’s hard to get it eaten up).

  6. Pie? Heaven forbid. My mind has been going on, for several hours & no explicable reason, about Full English Cooked Breakfast. I haven’t actually consumed anything, but feel as though I’ve gained several pounds.

  7. My brain and I had a similar discussion, but we opted for chocolate. Obviously this means you and I should be chowing down on some Schadenfreude Pie together. Or our brains should.

  8. Rewarding your brain for a lack of profundity could be the beginning of a vicious downward spiral.

    Better watch out, John. Here, give me the pie.

  9. Besides a top 5 list of pie flavors and top 3 list of crust styles,
    who is the best pie cook in the house?
    Do you go to the store?

    Next new book title: Pie’s that are out of this World
    From the Scalzi family’s kitchen.

  10. My brain tells me that, if you turned on your BrainPal, it would suggest pineapple pizza. And how to escape the alien army landing on your lawn right now! (Well, it’s a BIG alien army that needs a big place to land, and your lawn is big.)

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